Interview With Ryan Eagle, Founder of Sidago Integrated Solutions

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I recently had the opportunity to do a quick interview with Ryan Eagle, infamously known as Birdman, and most recognized for being a cut-throat businessman.

Ryan, what was your first online business?

The first money I ever made online was selling Diablo II virtual items once upon a time. Somewhere around the same time I began building sites with the purpose of generating advertising revenue and I concurrently got my first check from Google Adsense as well. I wouldn’t call it a business at first, it was something I more or less fell into.

I read that you joined the affiliate marketing industry in 2005 (which personally was great year for me before having to compete with corporations). Are you still active in the affiliate marketing industry?

No, I actually left the industry for the most part about two years ago after an affiliate marketing related business ended. I was jaded by the entire experience and quite frankly I wanted to challenge myself to try something new. Making money with affiliate marketing was always very easy for me but I wanted to do something of more value and longevity instead of chasing the quickest dollar. I started Sidago Integrated Solutions and XCell Fund around the same time and focused on those.

 Tell me about Sidago. What exactly is it? And what is your role there?

Sidago Integrated Solutions is a managed outsourcing service provider that helps businesses of all sizes take their company to the next level. We consult with individuals and help them leverage our internal workforce so they can enjoy cost savings while increasing efficiency. For any businesses not leveraging offshoring in this day and age, get in contact with me immediately and I will help your business get the competitive advantage it needs.

Do you have any hobbies offline?

Absolutely! I listen to rap music religiously, I play retro RPG’s, I collect vintage video games, and I have a massive shoe collection that my fiancé made me stop adding to because we didn’t have any room in the house.

Oh my gosh, I so need a photo of your shoe collection! Thanks for the interview Ryan!

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