I was flattered to read this nice article about me written by Lynn Terry:
Kim Rowley: A Work-at-Home Mom I HAVE To Meet! 
Her and I have many similiarities (so many that it’s kinda eerie), and I’m anxious to meet her in person!

Lynn challenged me to a “Cross Blog Conversation” to which she asked…

Kim – The article in Revenue Magazine states that you have around 50 affiliate sites & blogs, and that your 2 aunts help you write content. Do you also outsource some of the work, or how do you manage the daily tasks involved with maintaining such a large number of sites?

Hmmm, I sometimes wonder, too, how I manage! It takes a lot of caffeine! Yes, I do outsource a lot of programming, web design and content, either to people I have met or contract through Elance.com. As for daily tasks, I have a “routine” that I try to follow (check email, stats, logs, etc) and I keep a calendar to mark off blog posts made.  I’ll put in extra hours before Vegas to set up future posts to run while I’m gone, so I can enjoy the conference more.

I couldn’t decide what question to ask Lynn in return – I think I have more personal questions than business questions since we seem like we were separated at birth!  Can’t wait to meet her in Vegas and gab away!