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I actually just learned about that pays bloggers for writing paid posts from Josue’s guest post here on my very own blog a couple of weeks ago.  And I’m glad I did.

I’ve been earning money from similar programs, such as SocialSpark (which is still a great network), but doing some comparisons, right now I’m liking the benefits of Sponsored Reviews over SocialSpark…

  • Higher Offer Prices
  • Automatic Payments every two weeks and no waiting periods
  • Can make unlimited offers (bids) to Advertisers
  • Less “Paperwork” in terms of Disclosure Policies

So in the last two weeks, I have written six blog posts for Sponsored Reviews on various niche sites and already gotten paid for all them via PayPal. Those six posts paid me over five times more than the amount I am currently due from the last six reviews I’ve written for SocialSpark (which are still in the 30 days waiting period). And I have several waiting offers if I decide to act on them (I decline some opportunities if they are not a fit for any of my websites).

Yes, it certainly seems could be too good to be true to last, so  jump on the bandwagon now!

Sponsored ReviewsWhat’s your take?

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