Baby Booties

My friends dubbed me the “Freebie Queen” because I actually have a “Free Room” in my basement.  Better than being called the “Queen of Snob Hill” I guess.

Besides the free stuff I that receive with using coupons and rebates (and I share how I do that over on my shopping blog), I get sent a lot of  free products to review from companies hoping that I’ll in turn promote them via my blogs or affiliate marketing links. I admit it’s fun to receive packages every day, especially shoes for my shoe blog. But I can’t guarantee that I’ll promote everything I receive because, first of all, it may not be a fit for any of my niches.  And second of all, there isn’t enough time in the day to do everything – I need my beauty sleep!

Anyhoo, my favorite sister (a poor college student) is pregnant – a baby girl due in July – and I am hosting a Virtual Baby Shower for her. I thought if companies want to send me free stuff, let them send me something that will definitely be put to good use.  So in exchange for sending baby gifts, I guarantee that will I promote those items.  I am offering free advertising on my various websites for anyone sending a baby gift or party favors.

Feel free to contact me for questions or more details.