There are many types of Hub Marketing systems out there, but we feel our influencers in the marketing hub system is the best to create back links from industry specific sites to yours. That builds high page rank from the Hub Site to your site from within the same industry. How Industry Army Marketing (I.A.Marketing) works their “Hub Marketing” is in a form of a cooperative.

This means you will enjoy strength in numbers as your site will be a spoke on the wheel from the industry specific Hub Site using all those that join in the system as a force of many. And to make this even better your site will be the only one that has a geographical area tagged to it so you have no competitors close to you. We make other companies your partners online. Think of how strong a YP directory is, but what you get is to be a part of a large”directory” but with added value from content driven info about your industry from our users just like you.

Hub Sites

For example, printingstore.org is a site for printers and print serves. When you join the Hub (printingstore.org) your site becomes a spoke on the wheel to compete against the big chains online. You will be the only printing store in a neighbourhood giving you the best exposure in your market. Think of a franchise but we do not charge anything for commissions and have a low entry of just $10 a month for your SEO campaign. Think of the Hub site like a sandwich, the more you out into it the better it becomes. Your website(and any others) are just the same. And we know it is hard to run your business and keep constant updates on a site to beat the big chains. Well now is your chance to beat them at their own game at the lowest cost.

For other information about our SEO Vancouver company and your websites ranking go to Industry Army Marketing and we can assist you further.