ShareASale Think Tank 2013


One of the things that I love best about the affiliate marketing industry is the fabulous events around the country that I get to attend as an affiliate/blogger.  Not only do I come away with tons of valuable information via the sessions, I get to meet new friends and colleagues by networking, and I usually end up with a ton of “swag” (aka free stuff from merchants)!

One of my absolute favorite venues is the Think Tank conference that the network ShareASale puts on every year! In fact, I have been to all but two of their events they’ve ever held.  And of course, I plan to be there for ShareASale Think Tank 2013 to held in Denver, Colorado October 23rd – 25th, 2013.

If you are an affiliate and/or blogger, I highly suggest you apply to attend this conference as affiliates/bloggers can attend for only $50 and that is all-inclusive, meaning even your hotel stay at The Curtis Hotel in Denver is covered for 2 nights!  I’ve stayed at this hotel, and it is super nice and super fun.

The only other main expense you’ll have is transportation to get there.  With Denver being centrally located in the middle of the country and being a major hub for many airlines, you can find great deals on flights in and out of Denver International Airport.  In fact, both Southwest and Frontier airlines are offering round-trip flights to/from Denver for under $200.

I guarantee you will not find a conference that costs this little to attend anywhere. Plus the education you receive and the connections you make will be priceless.  I just attended CJ University (a competitor network) and although it was also a nice venue, it was really expensive to attend!  And ShareASale is more personal with their affiliates than CJ in all aspects, hands down.

Apply Now to Attend!  Yes, you have to apply, because they don’t just let anyone in to assure that all attendees will have a positive experience. But if you have a valid website or blog, chances are good that you’ll be accepted.

I will be there! Will I see you there?