Next month I will be attending Affiliate Summit in Vegas – I haven’t missed one summit yet!  Every summit, Shawn and Missy offer a fun way to raise money for charity.  I participated in the March of Dimes Drive in Miami and the Big Brothers Big Sisters Drive in Vegas last year.

This year they are auctioning off eight super affiliates for dinner on eBay with all proceeds to benefit the Starlight Starbright Children’s Foundation, plus they are matching up to $5,000 in donations! The participants are (click on name to bid)…

Mike Allen
Michael Coley
Patrick Grady
Scott Jangro
Billy Kay
David Lewis
Tim Storm
Adam Viener

I can vouch that they are all outstanding, intelligent affiliates.  Maybe next year I can compete with them (if they add women to the list – what’s up with that??)  So, it looks like I may be free for dinner (we call it “supper” here in hickville) while in Vegas if anyone’s interested!