5 Tips for Successfully Retiring in Central America

Retiring in Central America

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If you’ve decided to retire and relocate to Central America, you’re embarking on an exciting new chapter. To make this a successful endeavor, it’s important to start planning well before the move.

Here are several tips to get you organized and ready for retiring south of the border.

1. Set a Timeline

If you’re in the beginning stages of retiring to Central America, it’s important to create an estimated timeline. Carefully devise a chart with everything you’ll need to accomplish before you leave. Include things like securing a new home, selling your things and transferring accounts online. Estimate dates for change of address, notifying your banks and telling your friends.

2. Study the Language

When moving to a Spanish speaking country, it’s important to learn the language and a few things about the culture. There are probably people that speak English in your new home, but it’s really your obligation to learn their language. Your best bet is to enroll in Spanish classes Houston TX before you leave. Work on the basics and then try conversations.

3. Sell Your Things

When it comes to possessions, you’ll need to decide whether to keep them, sell them or a little of both. If you want to save your things, secure a moving company or temporary self-storage. If you opt to sell them and keep the money, you’ll travel much lighter. Consider a massive yard sale or even an estate sale.

4. List Your Home

Your last step will be to sell your home. Start early and make any necessary repairs needed to get it listed. Keep your expectations flexible as you may sell quickly, or wait for months. Take it day by day and have a plan ready in case it sells quicker than you think.

5. Learn All You Can

Selling and moving to Central America for retirement can be a lengthy process and staying organized is key. Learning all you can about the language before leaving will help you in countless ways. You can then fully enjoy the culture and people of your new home.

Retiring in Central America

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