Top Tips About Personal Statements for Medical School

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You may have heard that one of the deciding factors in getting into medical school is your personal statement or personal essay. This is true. It gives the admissions committee their first look at who you are and what kind of doctor you might become. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to make sure your essay is polished and perfect.

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Exercise Your Creativity

It is important to be creative in your essay, but not too creative. You want to use creativity to spark interest, but you are not writing a work of fiction. Your essay still needs to be understandable to most audiences.

Be Wary of Exaggerated Statements

You don’t want to use hyperbole too much. Extreme, exaggerated statements can annoy readers when they are overused. A bit is okay, but do not abuse literary freedom.

Ask Others to Read It

Always get someone else to read your essay before submitting it. A second set of eyes can save your essay from typos and grammatical errors. Pick a person whom you trust to give you honest, constructive criticism on content and flow.

Reflect on Defining Moments

You want to reflect on the moments in your life that made you into the person you are and what made you want to study medicine. This is important because the personal statement’s purpose is to tell the admissions committee what defines you and convince them that you deserve to study medicine at their school.

Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

When you are told to write about anything that you want, you should keep in mind that not everyone appreciates your opinions on sensitive topics like politics and religion. You do not want the admissions committee to be offended by your essay. Keep in mind that you have no idea who is going to be reading it.

Proofread and Then Proofread Again

This is one of the most important steps. As a doctor, you will need to be extremely detail-oriented. A single typo or missed comma can spell your doom with the entrance committee. Sloppy grammar or punctuation that slips through on your admissions essay shows the committee that you are exactly the opposite of detail-oriented.

Your personal essay should be highly polished, clear and concise. You want to capture their interest without being too controversial or over the top. Remember, your audience is made up of medical professionals and write accordingly.

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