Here’s a few things I learned this week that are probably useless to most, but thought I’d share so I now have notes if the need to know arises again…

If your Performics affiliate links are all giving you a 400 Bad Request error saying the size of the request header field exceeds server limit, it means your cc-dt.com cookie has too many entries in it. If you clear your cookies the problem will go away.

If you get an error when you try to shutdown/reboot like this: “dwwin.exe – DLL Initialization Failed – The application failed to initialize because the window station is shutting down” – simply do a “Windows Update” under Tools in IE. Worked for me.

After I installed phpBay Lite Plugin, I got an error on one of my servers (I can’t remember the exact error), and it screwed up the posts if I tried to use the plug-in. I fixed the problem by opening up the php.ini file and changed “allow_url_fopen = off” to “allow_url_fopen = on”.

New WordPress plugin I just downloaded – YouTuber that lets you add videos from YouTube and adjust the size of the videos so they fit into your blog. I was finding that if I tried to add YouTube videos to my House For Kim blog that my post column wasn’t wide enough, so it screwed up the sidebar if I added a video. This should help!

Update – YouTuber Plugin works great!
I also downloaded the WP-EMail Plugin so people can email posts on to a friend.