WIMP Weekly Wrap-Up

I can’t guarantee that I’ll write a wrap-up every week, but that title sounded way better than “WIMP Whenever I Want Wrap-Up”. Oh, and WIMP is the acronym for “Work In My Pajamas” in case you were thinking I was calling myself a “wimp”.  Since the little voice in my head has been telling me I need to blog more, I decided to do a recap of the latest internet marketing news that affects me. If you are in the affiliate marketing industry, or are a blogger, or you like beer and puppies, chances are that these articles may relate to you as well:

Ebay and PayPal are breaking up. Sources close to the couple say it’s been coming for awhile and suspect an affair with Ichan. H/T @WarrenWhitlock

Rakuten Linkshare is now Rakuten Affiliate Network.  Oh man, I’m still calling Ebay Enterprise Network “Pepperjam”, just like I called GAN “Performics” forever. Oh, how I miss Befree.  And MySavings Media is rebranding to ShopHer Media. All publisher logins, tracking, and widget URLs are supposedly to remain the same – for now anyway – they just changed link structures on us last year.

42 professional bloggers, industry experts and thought leaders shared their top 10 must have wordpress plugins on Everyday Tech (good infographic/information). And Zac Johnson shares how top bloggers make money blogging (another good infographic).  I personally have been playing around with Prosperent’s affiliate tools to make money on my blogs.

Have you joined the new “anti-Facebook” social network Ello? It’s getting up to 35K requests per hour as a result of a viral surge in the past week (Source). Maybe because it’s ad-free and smut friendly? If you need an invite to join, hit me up as I have few left to give. Or if you’re already there, friend me up.

Coke’s clever #ShareACoke marketing campaign reversed their 11-year decline in soda sales (Source). I still can’t find a Diet Coke bottle with “Kim” on it, but several tweeted back to me, @CocaCola included, after I expressed my dismay.  Great job, Coke!

Another great marketing campaign is Budweiser’s public service announcement about drinking and driving (watch here). Have I ever told you I originally went to college (some 20 years ago) to be a commercial artist and wanted to write TV commercials? No? That topic may morph into a stand alone blog post. Stay tuned.