In honor of “Woman Crush Wednesday”, I’m sharing my girl crushes in the internet marketing space and why they are great aspirations. Today’s #WCW is…

Lynn Terry

Back in 2008, Andrew Wee, messaged me and asked if I saw this nice article that Lynn Terry had wrote about me. I had no idea at the time who Lynn Terry was, but she had read about me in Revenue magazine and wrote about how identical our lives were. We were both the same age living in small towns, both single moms of kids the same ages with special needs, both had the same desk set up, and we were even were reading the same books. I wrote a reply blog that it was indeed quite eerie just how similar our lives were!

Quite literally, you could swap out the name and the photos and I don’t believe anyone would know the difference! It was a bit strange, I have to admit. Even a tad unsettling.

Kim Rowley and Lynn Terry photograph

Kim Rowley and Lynn Terry, Las Vegas, January 2011

I finally got to meet Lynn in person in 2011 at an Affiliate Summit conference, but only for a minute, as I was in the middle of mentoring a newbie. I so wish we had been able to spend more time together, and we keep saying we still need to get together. One of these days, we actually will! She lives in Tennessee, and visiting Nashville in on my bucket list.

Since meeting, we’ve continued to have similar things transpire in our comparable lives, from highs and lows in our businesses and dating lives to our taste in shoes to both having hives and hysterectomies.

Lynn and I were both named a top affiliate marketing mind of 2014, although she was #9 and I was #25. Therefore I am still striving to be even more like her! If I had to describe Lynn with three words, those words would be (I rearranged them when I saw I could make the acronym CIA):

  • Chivalrous
  • Inspirational
  • Accomplished

Lynn runs an internet marketing blog ClickNewz! Her blog posts have helped so many people (me included) with her ideas and tips and inspired many more (again, me included) to work towards new goals. Lynn is the epitome of this quote by Steve Harvey that I saw today:

The More People You Help Become Successful, The More Successful You Become! ~ Steve Harvey

The more people you help become successful, the more successful you become!
~ Steve Harvey

Like Lynn Terry on Facebook and check out her low carb diet tips for busy people at Low Carb Traveler (including Facebook and Twitter).

I have a feeling that once Lynn and I finally do get a chance to spend time together that you won’t be able to separate us as we’ll just keep talking and talking…