For 5000+ attendees, the Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas last week was considered one of the best affiliate marketing conferences of all time. Unfortunately for me, I spent the majority of my time in Sin City in bed, alone, battling influenza, and therefore missed out on most of the action. I probably should’ve just stayed home, as did Anne Fognano of CleverMoms did due to illness, but I didn’t want to let down my panel as I’m not sure it would be politically correct to let two men cover a whole session about “Is Bigger Always Better?” (slide deck).

Is Bigger Always Better? Panel at Affiliate SummitJeremy Palmer, Joe Sousa, Kim Rowley
Photo Credit: Sarah Bundy

We missed our other female partner-in-crime, Lisa Picarille, but Jeremy Palmer and Joe Sousa did a great job while I mostly sat and coughed up a lung. Kelly Clay wrote up a nice review of our session: Advice For New Affiliates: Start Small and Think Niche.

Other highlights of Affiliate Summit from my colleagues (in case you missed the action as well):

By the last night, I thought I felt well enough to attend the farewell dinner for speakers because who doesn’t love the Toby Keith bar?!

Kim Rowley & Shannon Weidemann

Me with Shannon Weidemann, who still roomed with me even after I told her I had her name tattooed on my boob.
Photo Credit: Coffee Nate

But after half a drink and someone telling me I looked like death, the reality of my sickness kicked in, and back to bed I went.  My influenza has now morphed into pneumonia, and I’m working from my own bed. I’m sure my immune system is extra weak due to the recent stresses in my life, and I pray I didn’t infect anyone (I took the doctor’s orders of not kissing anyone very seriously).  Luckily I have a few months to recover before the next Summit – see you all in Philly!