4 Customizable Items That Can Be Used For Marketing

Giving away items is an effective marketing strategy that every successful company uses to attract new clients. Adding the logo or brand name to ordinary items spreads the word to get the brand to linger in the minds of potential customers. Ink pens, travel mugs, reusable tote bags, and adhesive notes are an item that every person finds useful in everyday life.

Stylish Ink Pens
No one can ever have too many pens laying around the home or office. It is pretty common to notice a cup of customized pens sitting on the counter at the bank, insurance office, or waiting room at a health clinic. As people are encouraged to take one to keep in their purse or car, it can be seen by friends and family.

Handy Travel Mugs
Taking a warm beverage on the go each morning is common in today’s busy world. A travel mug with the company logo is sure to get used regularly and seen during the early commute. Marketing is simple when a clever, inexpensive promotional item can continue to be seen for weeks or months following the initial investment.

Eco-Friendly Tote Bags
Environmentally-conscious people are constantly searching for new ways to cut down on waste and the use of resources. Tote bags can be carried along to the grocery store to eliminate the waste of plastic bags. There are many uses of a fabric tote bag that is completely up to the imagination and need of the owner.

Who doesn’t love getting free shirts? Free shirts, of any kind or style, are always a huge hit. People will wear the shirts around, basically advertising for free for your company. Now, you can offer a few different kinds of free shirts if you want to go this route. The standard is to just use screen-print t-shirts, but they’re usually low quality, and don’t last as long. If you want to invest just a little bit more money in this marketing effort, you can look at Hanes custom shirt logos on polo shirts. Putting your logo on the shirt is a must, obviously, but putting on a nicer shirt gives your logo a little more weight behind it.

In the old days of marketing, it took a lot of careful planning to find the most useful strategy for spreading the word about a business. Giving away useful customizable items are an innovative way to enlist the help of existing or potential customers to do a lot of the hard work themselves. Consumers get a great item and the brand receives free promotion at the same time.