How To Monetize Your Website With Amazon Native Ads

Monetize Your Website

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Last Updated on May 7, 2022 by Work In My Pajamas

If you haven’t added Amazon Native Ads to your website or blog yet, you’re missing out on a gold mine!

I recently discovered a way to triple my Amazon commission revenue with Amazon Native Ads on my affiliate sites. I was so excited about my new revelation that I decided to write my first ebook to share these “secrets” as I haven’t seen any other websites implementing Amazon Native Ads like I have. Writing an ebook has been on my bucket list, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to share my knowledge.

In my new ebook “How To Make Money With Amazon Native Ads“, I show you (with step-by-step instructions) how I’ve doubled, then tripled, my Amazon commission income within a week of adding new Amazon Native Ads to my websites and blogs. Special thanks to Lisa Picarille for her mad editing skills!

You’ll get detailed information on each type of Amazon Native Ads and the best places to add each one or the highest conversions. The ebook is packed with real examples from my live affiliate sites, including the exact code I used to earn more money. This book is not for newbies wanting to get into the world of blogging (maybe that will be my next book). This book is geared towards established bloggers wanting to earn more money from their existing websites and traffic.

You’ll also get additional tips on how to earn even more money with Amazon using its new Onelink option and official plug-in. Plus, I share some extra bonus tips and secrets that will help you on your way to earning more money immediately.

Ready to read my new ebook?

Monetize Your Website

Now, what do you think my next book should be about?

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