The illusive travel job: they seem to be all the rage on Instagram right now. You turn up in a beautiful location – there’s usually a beach and a hammock involved – open your laptop and get down to work. Living the dream, right?

Travel jobs are not all that they’re cracked up to be, though, and some people can find the idea of traveling full time to be incredibly draining.

One thing to be aware of when doing many of these jobs is that the costs can mount up. These jobs are often on a self-employed basis, and you will usually be responsible for your own travel and accommodation expenses. Use a decent hotel comparison site and get a good quote on airport parking with a company like Parkon.com to keep the costs low. Also while traveling, get a personalized passport at Personalized By Kate.

Here are four jobs that you may be able to do remotely, incorporating travel into your routine as you go.

1. Blogger

Are the days of ‘professional bloggers’ numbered? Absolutely not! In 2020, blogging can also be closely linked with the work of influencing, so be prepared to get personal and get snapping those photographs for Instagram to make sure not only that you reach your target audiences, but also that companies see your work. 

Although being a blogger doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get the chance to travel around the world, the work is usually done remotely, so as long as your laptop has power and an internet connection, you should be good to go!

2. Yoga Teacher

This one is a little off the wall, and although we’ve said yoga specifically, there are many different types of short-term teaching jobs that are very similar. Many yoga teachers prefer to have a home base and regular sessions, but yoga retreats are a popular holiday choice for many.

3. Digital Marketer

Google searches for how to be a digital nomad have gone up exponentially in the past few years, and with good reason! Many people are embracing the freedom of the digital nomad lifestyle, and no career offers more opportunities than in digital marketing.

If you have marketing skills such as content writing, photography, video editing, SEO, etc., finding a remote job as a digital marketer could be an excellent next step.

4. Traveling Nurse, Doctor, or Vet

Doctors and nurses have traditionally traveled quite a lot over the years. There have always been initiatives like Doctors Without Borders taking those with medical skills and training and putting them in some of the poorest places on earth. 

Recently, a similar initiative started in the veterinary medicine world, Vets Without Borders, allowing trained veterinary staff to travel to some incredible places and help some of the most desperate animals. There are opportunities for both large animal practice veterinarians and veterinary nurses, as well as those who work in small and domestic animal practice.

Being a traveling doctor or vet can be an incredibly rewarding career. The pay may not always be the most lucrative, but the emotional rewards of making a difference are incredible.

4 Jobs That Allow You To Travel