6 Signs You Should Work For Yourself

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Being your own boss isn’t for everyone. Some people would rather clock out at a set time every day and forget about work until somebody else reminds them that they should be thinking about it. 

like a boss coffee cup

For others, the prospect of being their own boss is a lifelong dream, a freedom they strive for. Or, perhaps, you’re one of those people who never even considered the prospect of starting and running your own business… until now! 

Here are 6 signs you should be working for yourself.

1. You Loathe the 9-5 Grind 

9-5 offers structure for a lot of people, but it’s a nightmare for others. Set working hours every day, Monday to Friday, can be a monotonous routine. If you’re looking for variety and flexibility with your job, then working for yourself allows you to set your own working hours and work how you see fit. 

2. You’ve Thought About It, But You’re Worried About Marketing or Growing Your Business 

A large worry for a lot of entrepreneurs who are more business or product minded than they are technology savvy is how to embrace the online world and best market and grow their business. So much so that it might put you off from trying. 

There are plenty of professional services like Fourth P which offer SEO advice so that you can easily learn yourself. It doesn’t have to be a daunting prospect and it certainly shouldn’t be the reason that you’re not giving your business idea a go. 

3. You Have Huge Dreams 

Having big career dreams doesn’t mean that you have to work for yourself, but if you’re someone who is always daydreaming about making it big with something you’re personally passionate about, creating and running your own business is one way of pushing yourself and rising to the top. If your career dreams see you developing and building ideas you care about, then your own business could be the right step. 

4. You’re Independent and Like Your Own Style 

Working to other people’s rules and ideas isn’t for everyone, especially if you have a few great ones of your own. If you work better by yourself, or as part of a team you’re leading, then starting your own business could be a great career move — especially if you’re tired of following strategies of a boss whose work style you don’t agree with

5. You Want to Escape the Drama 

The prospect of office politics is such a bore for those with entrepreneurial spirit. If you find that you’re tired of listening to gossip, try to stay out of it at all costs, especially if you simply couldn’t care less about the personal drama of other people’s lives. A more focused career lifestyle which eliminates the traditional office environment could be right for you.  

6. You’re Already Thinking About It 

Well, you chose to click on this, didn’t you? Which means the seeds have already been planted and you’re considering the idea of it. If you’re thinking about being your own boss, then why not give it a go?

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