Unlike previous years, applying for a business card has become easier. For example, Capital One Getmyoffer is not only meant for big cooperation, but you can also apply for a card even if you own a part-time business. All you have to do is prove you have an active business to qualify for a business credit card.  

Business Credit Card

So what kind of business will make you qualify for a business credit card?

That’s the interesting part. In this post, I will take you through the 8 part-time businesses you can easily start to help you make extra money as well as qualify for a business credit card. 

  1. House Sitting

Ideal for people going on vacations, you can commit yourself to house sit for family members or friends at a fee. If the intended homeowners have pets or don’t feel safe leaving their house unattended, then they will gladly agree to your offer. By spending a few hours checking on the pets or watering the flowers you can make this a lucrative business. By word of mouth and referrals for your good work, I am sure your week will be a busy one. Note that, since your biggest expense will be gas money to get from to and from each client’s house or takeout food. You should go for the credit card that earns bonus points at gas stations and for dining.  

  1. Online Selling

Just like the majority of people, I know you have lots of items you don’t use kept in the back of your closet or garage. From clothes to old toys and gadgets, you can kill two birds with one stone by creating space in your home and making some cash. To go the extra mile, you can ask your family members or friends if you would do the same for them and earn some small commission from it. There are dozens of online marketplaces such as eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark among others to enable you to sell your stuff. Keep in mind, depending on the type of service you use, the highest expense of selling online will be shipping costs. Therefore, make sure the type of business credit card you use will reimburse you on those fees. 

  1. Dog Walking

Probably the oldest part-time job, dog walking is now made easier by registering with services like Rover or Care.com. With these services your only requirement is to be experienced handling dogs and brush up on what you should do in certain situations. One main situation is a dog escapes its collar. Nonetheless, the main qualification for starting this kind of business is your love for dogs and enjoying walking them. That seems easy, right?  For the ideal business credit card, you can choose similar to the house sitting since gas will be your main expense. 

  1. Virtual Assistance

With virtue assistance being on the rise, you can set a few hours of the week to earn some money. Mostly paid on an hourly basis, you will be able to determine how many hours of the day you will work. The most popular jobs are data entry, bookkeeping, customer support, video editing, and social media management. All you have to do is look at the jobs ideal for your skillset and you are ready to earn. Notably, the best business credit card is the one that will earns money on internet and phone services. 

  1. Freelancing 

Thousands of writing jobs are being posted on different platforms such as Upwork, LinkedIn and job boards. Therefore, if you love writing, all you have to do is sign up on any platform and look for jobs. That’s why while applying for a credit card you should consider your main expense will be internet access and choose the best card. Note that, Capital One offers the Spark® Cash Select for Business, which offers a flat 1.5% back on every purchase.

  1. Tutoring or Teaching

Although you can charge to tutor high school kids struggling with various subjects, there are also other ways to earn money from your skills. If you play any instrument such as the piano or guitar or can speak other languages fluently, then you can offer to teach lessons. Also, couching specific sports like soccer, baseball, swimming or basketball can also help you earn money. Similar to house sitting, you can get clients by word of mouth or referrals. Moreover, you can also use online services such as ZipRecruiter or Upwork to find clients. Therefore, the best credit card to use should be the same as the one used for freelancing or virtue assistance jobs.

  1. Put up Shop on Etsy

Do you have knitting or painting skills? How about great samples of your work to show off to people? Then, you can use your skills and great items to earn money by setting up an Etsy shop online. Being a simple process, all you have to do is label your items with the price, shipping cost and your preferred method of payment. Don’t forget, as you calculate your price, you should know that Etsy charges a 20% fee for each publishing listing as well a 5% transaction fee on the sale price including shipping. For a great card offer, go for a flat-rate card. 

  1. Consulting

Last but not certainly least, consulting is another way of making money.  If you have digital marketing expertise you can help a lot of businesses across multiple industries make profits. Though this kind of part-time business is time-consuming, it’s more lucrative and may come with other benefits such as traveling. Therefore, go for a flexible card that will definitely earn you bonus rewards on internet phone services, advertising, and travel.