How to Create the Perfect Studio for an at-Home Floral Business

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Thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever to open your own business at home. If you have a knack for floral arrangements and experience with the care of plants and flowers, starting an at-home floral business could be perfect for you.

It is crucial to have a suitable space to work. You will need plenty of space and light, as well as a décor that promotes creativity.

Select the Right Space

You should decide which room to use first. Avoid rooms like the kitchen or living room that will create distractions. You will need plenty of room to store your flowers, flower cooler and other tools and supplies. Consider using a spare bedroom for this purpose or a garage if you have one. You will need access to a sink, so you should factor this into the cost of renovating the studio.

Invest in a Sturdy Workbench

You need a workbench to arrange flowers on and sketch out designs. You can use an ordinary table, though it will not last as well as a high-quality workbench. Research the options available and consider finding one with in-built storage for your tools.

Get the Right Tools

You should spend as much as you can afford on your tools. You need secateurs, scissors, wire cutters and buckets at a minimum. You could buy a readymade floristry kit, but many florists prefer to build up their toolkit themselves.

Use a Space With Plenty of Natural Light

You need plenty of light to see what you are doing. Consider installing a skylight in your workspace to get natural light throughout the day. If you struggle to find a space with natural light, you should invest in good quality lighting such as LED downlights.

Secure Funding for Supplies

To make the best studio, you will need cash to fund renovations and supplies. You should look into the funding options and discuss what you can afford to borrow with your financial advisor. For more information on loans for home improvements, have a look at the services this loan company provides. The Home Loan Expert is an industry leader in finding suitable loans.

Choose Sensible Flooring

Choose flooring with good grip that will not be damaged by getting wet. Floristry can be messy, so choose wood flooring that you can easily clean it. You could use rubber or plastic runners to protect your floors and prevent slips and falls.

Use Bespoke Storage

Look into installing fitted storage to your studio. You should make space for your flowers, cooler, tools and other supplies. Consider apothecary-style drawers to keep ribbons, lace and other bindings. Get quotes for building bespoke storage to make the best use of the space in your studio.

Hang Artwork

You should hang artwork that inspires your creativity and imagination. Consider watercolor paintings of flowers to fit the floristry theme. You can find plenty of excellent artwork at bargain prices on sites like Etsy or in thrift shops.

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