How To Build A Personal Brand And Let It Do Its Magic Online

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It is argued that in the high tech world of global interconnectedness, everyone needs a personal brand. Whatever you plan on doing in life, it has never been more important to present your ideas and offerings to others. Online tools have a global reach and a tremendous potential to inspire respect, spark attention and capture imagination of people. A failure to realize this is a sure way to miss the amazing opportunities waiting on the cyber frontier.

A small fortune

A brand building process has a profound impact on how others perceive you. Many billionaires have made their fortune on solid foundations of personal brands. It all starts with committing to the niche you know forwards and backwards. This is a question of what you want to be known for, as much as what it is that separates you from the hoards of other people. Think of it as a superpower allowing you to dominate a small space, and gradually ascend towards bigger arenas.

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Ghost of a chance

In theory, everyone can reach viral popularity, while in practice, the internet is a graveyard of unfulfilled dreams and ghosts trying to manifest themselves before the eyes of otherwise occupied digital citizens. The key is in making realistic promises you can deliver. An aura of authenticity is what allows an individual to cut through the overwhelming hullabaloo on the internet.

A personal domain

To establish a strong online presence, one must first choose the appropriate domain name. Take the example of, a website which helps people pick domains, but is also a great example of domain hacking in its own right. This innovative practice helps you overcome the shortage of good names by using country-specific extension as a part of the main phrase. Of course, it must be something that reflects what you stand for and encompasses your offerings.

A quality time

After all, you must weave your brand in everything you do. Photos, memes, workflows, infographics, these are all pieces of content that can be infused with personality. So, it does not cut it to just blog about whatever crosses your mind, and log in to Facebook on a regular basis. Quality content is what search engines like Google award better ranking for, bringing forth a much greater visibility. Always back your posts with research and current data in order to forge helpful and insightful content.  

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Break a story

Speak your mind, even if it could cause stir and arouse controversy. It is better to have a distinctive voice than to get lost singing in the noise of the overcrowded choir. Master the art of visual storytelling via top-notch web design, striking imagery, and short videos. Some of these things call for technical knowledge, and can be taken to the next level with a bit of skillful SEO. Yet, they are also achievable by utilizing free or inexpensive tools, filters and online resources.

Chunk by chunk

Spark interest with killer headlines, subheadings and shorter, written content. Organize the texts into edible chunks of information, and attach photos to attract more clicks. Harness the power of data science, but also light-hearted humor. Offer non-obvious tips, new angle on a popular topic, and “how-tos” covering your core area of expertise. Load the weapons with genuineness and ingenuity, and you should be able to hit all the right notes.  

The big show

With enough determination and sound planning, you can build a brand around your personality and let it fully shine. A personal brand is the holy grail of success in the digital age, enabling you to climb up the career ladder and share your vision with thousands of people. Start small and pull together a plan for hitting big. Nobody wants to cope with shifty-looking people, but those that are sterling and truthful always steal the online show.

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