Business Spotlight: How To Help Your Company Rank Off The Charts

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A lot of companies want to succeed and have a quality reputation with their customers. The problem that should be immediately apparent is that most do not. The question is why. What causes some companies to score very highly, and others to be dismal? There are several factors that influence your companies’ rank.

The Market Interest in Your Products

Creating market interest requires knowing what the market wants. Knowing what the market wants can be hard for some people. This is because they have not looked at the marketing universals. Marketing universals are things that most humans naturally crave. If you include them in your products or services, it will help to bump up your company’s rating. Examples of marketing universals include survival, protection, freedom, comfort, pleasure, relationships, success, and likability. Make your products and services do this more for your customer and watch your ratings improve. An excellent example is the Apple iPhone. The Apple iPhone includes a lot of these things.

The Quality of Your Management

An inspirational leader can make a boring company a great one. A nasty leader can make a great company a terrible one. The quality of the people in charge has a lot to do with the quality of your company. Make sure that the people in charge are not incompetent micromanagers. Why? They will make life miserable for the people under them. If you have a shrewd knowledge of human personality, it can help you plan your business wisely. Many people assume that we are all the same deep down. If you cannot function like me, that is your problem, not mine. This type of thinking is what makes the corporate environment turn into Enron.

The Efficiency of Your Business Model

Business model efficiency can be approximately measured by the equation P = I – E, or profits equal income minus expenses. If your profit is small than your business is inefficient, no matter how large your income. A lot of people think that because of their large income, they are fine. They need to be counting mortgage payments and all their expenses before they can really say that they are sitting pretty. One quick trick to increasing business efficiency is buying low and selling high. Buy things that the market is not valuing highly. This will make your expenses small. Once you have them, change them into things that match the marketing universals. An example would be seeds, dirt, and wood. Most people do not view these things as inherently valuable. A farmer, however, would tell you that several months later, it could give you a whopping profit if the seeds are a cash crop. Find things that are ignored by the market. Steve Jobs saw that Taiwan was being ignored as a location for American companies, probably because of secret ethnocentrism. Jobs took advantage of it and cheaply made little phone computers there with contract workers. He then sold them for 10 times more in San Francisco and made Apple one of the world’s largest and most profitable companies.

There are so many other things that you can try. For example things like the BBB website have some helpful reviews of different companies, such as reviews for ACN that can help you get an idea of how to better boost your business. Seeing how other companies do their marketing and reviews can give you a good idea of how to do your own. When it comes to marketing it can be difficult to reach out to every audience. However, it is possible. All you have to do is take time to do some research and figure out what your customers really want. That way you can get attention from the biggest possible amount of people. By using good marketing techniques and strategies you can really help increase your rankings.

There are so many different things that can help you boost your company’s rankings. All you have to do is some research to find out what your company needs most. After you know that you know what to focus on. It really is amazing how much of a difference a little bit of research can make.

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