What Your Coffee Says About Your Writing Style and Personality?

You’ve probably never had a second guess about the type of coffee that you drink in the morning. You have the coffee love of your life and you would never think about cheating on it with another kind of coffee. Recent studies have suggested that there’s a big reason for that – the kind of coffee you drink can actually be directly connected with your personality type.

We’re going to go more in-depth on the types of coffees you might drink down below and what they say about your personality and writing style.

Which coffee do you match with?

  • Cappuccino

When you think about those people who drink cappuccinos, the first word that you should think about is control. If you’re a cappuccino drinker (or a flat white drinker), you’re a bit obsessed with having control over things, but you’re also super creative and highly motivated to get stuff done. You’re someone who gets bored super easily, but you’re also really loyal with all of your close friends.

In terms of your writing style, a cappuccino drinker is going to put in tons of work to their writing. You’ll find these people tucked away in coffee shops for hours on end getting that writing done.

  • Affogato

If you love affogato, you’re someone who goes with black coffee most of the time, but you need a bit of a treat to go along with it. You’re someone who always loves having a good time and being happy 24/7. You find yourself struggling to get out of bed in the morning, but you’ll happily spend hours upon hours writing into the night. You’re also someone who takes the punches that life throws at you and rolls with them.

  • Ristretto

Someone who drinks a ristretto is pretty rare and that’s OK! You don’t care what others think of you, but you know that you’re a classy coffee drinker. You’re palette is just a bit more refined than the others in the line for coffee. This means that your writing style is more on the sophisticated side than others.

  • Espresso

Espressos from Espresso Gusto are super quick and get your energy levels up right away. And this is the kind of person you are – sweet and simple. This is because you’re always on the run and you just don’t have time to wait for that cappuccino art on the top of your coffee. You find yourself as the leader in most situations and in charge, but you constantly need more hits of espresso to keep yourself going throughout the day. Your writing style is one that keeps going, no matter what life throws at you. You have your goals and you’re going to reach them no matter what.

  • Long Black

You’re someone who sees life as black and white. Your personality more of a straight shooter than other people who may see you as a rude or inconsiderate. However, you just tell it how it is! You might find yourself on the quieter side most of the time and absolutely love minimalism. When it comes to your writing style, this means that you don’t beat around the bush with unnecessary wording. Your writing is short, simple, and gets to the point right away.

  • Latte

You’re someone who enjoys the easy things in life, but you may find yourself be a bit indecisive at some points. You don’t like to ruffle feathers, so you’d rather sit on the sidelines, rather than being the main player on the field. However, this means that you’re also pretty fun to be around because everyone can like you!

When it comes to your writing style, this could mean that some people see your work as a bit boring and plain. Try to mix it up every once in a while!

  • Soy Milk

And lastly, we have the soy milk consumer. Needless to say, those who drinks soy milk in their coffee are a bit high-maintenance. You’re super fun to be around and people like you, but you can also be somewhat self-centered. This means that your writing is going to be like that too, so be careful!

And there you have it! Did your drink of choice match your personality?

What Your Coffee Says About Your Writing Style and Personality?
Which Coffee Personality Do You Match With?