Getting All That Home Office Storage You Need

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Getting all that Home Office Storage You Need

One of the biggest problems in home offices is a lack of storage space. No matter how big your office is, a messy desk and tons of papers in storage cabinets are something you need to deal with on a day to day basis. De-cluttering, on the other hand, implies not only finding storage solutions, but a change in behavior, as well.

Proper Desk Size

You may think the bigger the desk the better, since you can organize everything on a wide and long surface, but the truth is quite the opposite. For instance, instead of throwing something in the trash, people somehow tend to leave it on the desk. Find the desk on which you can place only the things that are necessary for your work. You will need the desk which can fit a computer, a couple of small baskets for accessories and a lamp. One of those standard student desks may just be right for you. And if you choose the one with drawers, you will not even need a basket for accessories. Corner desks are also a good space-saving solution if student desks are too small for you.

Desk organization

Make sure you have the trash near you so that you can reach it from your chair. If your desk has drawers, use drawer dividers to help you stay organized. Place paper you are in a need of every day in a small box without a lid. Look for a silicone wall-mount phone holder. Or, you can opt for a desk organizer, which can store a phone, papers, pens and rulers all in one. To save additional space, buy a wall-mount desk lamp, or transform a desk lamp into a wall light. Create a reminder on your phone if necessary to declutter everything on the desk before you go to bed.


If you choose a small desk, you will have huge storage problems unless you make use of walls. Compact shelving and pallet racking are probably the most effective solutions here, as they can custom fit any space, including corners. Wire shelving is especially practical as it is lightweight and can be easily dismantled and repositioned. In addition, you can place any type of optional accessory on the shelving or racks, such as baskets, a mobile unit bumper, label holders and dividers.


Even if your desk is spic and span, cables can take up the space you can use for other purposes. You can try to look for all wireless devices, like a wireless mouse, a wireless phone charger, or a wireless printer and/or scanner. For other devices, you can consider having a cable management box, cord clamps, clip clamps, cable covers, cord twists and cable identifiers.

Storage Cabinets

Home office storage solutions always include storage cabinets. They vary in size and style, from file cabinets, cabinets with sliding doors and open storage cabinets to roll front cabinets. Most of them are lockable, too. However, cabinets will not keep papers under control unless you group papers into different containers and label them. Choose large customized plastic file containers and label them with a label-maker, or a pen.

Additionally, going paperless and using electronic storage is the most convenient way of getting rid of files and papers. However, as this is not possible in every single case, these storage solutions you can find in almost any store will make your life easier and more manageable.

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