Home-Based Entreprenuers: 4 Solutions to Storing Product

You are engaged in a successful home business, so successful that storage for your product line has become a real issue. It is a good problem to have, but you are having difficulty coming up with solutions.

Keep a Limited Supply on Hand in the Space that You Have

You could just keep a small inventory on hand at all times. This, of course, would affect your bottom line, as you may not be able to supply all of your customers with what they want or need at any given time. On the plus side, your products will appear to be very exclusive and in demand.

Order from Your Source or Assemble As Needed

If you receive all of your product from a wholesaler, you may decide to order the items that customers request as needed, especially if it is a large item. It used to be that you could walk into a large furniture store and leave that day with your new couch or bedroom set in the back of a trailer or truck. This is no longer the case; even large stores combat storage problems and will only order items from a warehouse after they are requested and paid for by a customer. If storage is an issue for you, you can take their example and use it in your own business.

If you are a craftsman and make the products that you sell, you may wish to only make those items that you have orders for. This again may affect your bottom line as customers will have to wait until you construct their items. But it may also give your products an aura of exclusivity and quality.

Add Storage to Your Home

If you feel that it is truly a necessity, you may have to add storage to your home. This may be difficult if you rent or live in an apartment. If you own your own home, you could add a storage shed in the yard, renovate attic or basement space, or even add an extra room. These areas could then be accessorized with shelving or other accommodations to fit your needs.

Utilize a Storage Company

One of the most logical options is to simply rent the extra space needed. There are many businesses that can be effectively based out of storage units. These units are widely available in many sizes and can be fitted with moveable shelving and other simple additions. The doorways and halls at North Star Mini Storage are wide, and pallets and large boxes can be easily moved inside. Second-floor storage can be reached by commercial elevators and access to the property is on a 24-hour basis.

As you can see, there are options to store your products. The very best choices are the ones that allow you quick and easy access, that have controlled temperatures, and that are extremely secure.