How Can Your Company Blogs Improve Your SEO?

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Every company these days is looking to optimize search engine optimization (SEO) and get ahead of their competition on Google’s search results. Now you’re interested in doing the same.

Maybe you’re new to the party and are looking to build a new blog that you can add to your company site and reel in new clientele.

Perhaps you already have a blog but realize you haven’t been giving it the proper attention to be effective.

Whatever your reason, company blogs can help you earn passive income and reach potential buyers you wouldn’t otherwise.

Here are a few specific ways that a company blog helps improve your SEO.

Keyword Optimization

One of the biggest factors that Google’s complicated algorithm considers into its equation is the quality and quantity of the keywords that each site uses.

It relates the number of keywords that you use and the variety of different keywords on the internet to make an educated assumption of your content being valuable to readers.

However, it’s also wary of those sites out there that use black hat SEO techniques to try and get their websites in front of everything else.

That’s not something you need to worry about though. Odds are you won’t overload your page with keywords accidentally. Either you’re doing on purpose, or not.

You’ll stumble upon keywords in your content naturally by doing your best to provide the most in-depth research possible for your readers.

Without a company blog on your site, the only keywords you’ll have on your site will be those integrated into your product descriptions and various other pages.

Since the idea is to keep that content in as few words as possible, that doesn’t leave much room for optimizing primary keywords efficiently. Not doing so will be holding you back from receiving the readers you could be.

Relevant Content

Nothing’s worse for your company’s brand than having the appearance of being outdated or not properly kept up with.

It reflects poorly on the site visitor’s perception of you. They’ll believe it to be a sign that your company loses interest in the integrity of things over time… not an image you want to have.

Having a blog on your site helps your brand engage with current topics of conversation. Not that these need to be current events, necessarily; they just need to stay within the confines of your industry.

The number one thing that readers are looking for when searching for an answer online is a trustworthy source to rely on. Once they get to your page, you become the reliable source that they trust.

That trust is what blogs that make money use as a way of earning passive income with the helpful content they provide to their readers.

Being a site with relevant content also gives the impression of your company being an industry leader. You’re always ahead of the curve to provide answers.

It gives your entire site a modern look and keeps you either in front of or on par with your competition pumping out the same content topics. Even if you can’t beat them to the punch, it’s better to be consistent.

Keeping relevant content on your page also entices Google’s algorithm to push your site out to more people, as your track record indicates that you’ll continue this pattern.


There are two types of embedded links that you’ll be using in your company blog’s content: internal links and external links. Both play a huge role in your overall SEO.

Internal links are those links in your content that direct the reader to other relevant posts, services, or products on your site. They keep the reader engaged in your brand and boost an aspect of your site’s productivity called its bounce rate

External links are the links you embed that direct readers to relevant content on other websites.

While that may seem counterproductive to receiving more readers, it’s actually helping.

As long as the site’s your embedding is relevant, Google’s algorithm will factor in the links you’re embedding and the keywords to go with them. From there it will determine your site as more helpful to a reader.

It makes your site seem as if it’s truly interested in helping the reader gain knowledge, not just simply selling your own products.

Connection with Your Readers

One of the most important things to site visitors is feeling a personal sense of connection with the company whose site they’re visiting.

If the voice and tone of your blog are personal and relatable, it will give your entire brand that feeling of friendliness that client’s long for. It will also make the reader feel more inclined to share it with their network.

The more that your content is being shared and spread through the internet, the more Google will see you as a primary source for knowledge on your industry.

This is also an amazing space for you to reach out to your readers on an individual basis. Let them know their voices are being heard and provide content that feels as if their sitting down and grabbing a beer with you just to chat.

While a personal voice doesn’t have a direct line to the SEO of your site, the more you have it, the more your content will be talked about and directed to online.

A nice plus here is that more of your readers will be inclined to buy your products and services as a sign of gratitude for all the helpful information you’ve given them.

Company Blogs Are the Dawn of a New Era for Your Business

Now that you’ve seen the perks of company blogs, it’s easy to see what you’ve been missing out on so far.

Best of luck with integrating your new blog on your site. It will be a great way to communicate with your readers and clients alike!

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