Long-Term Business: How to Make Sure Your SMB Lasts More Than 5 Years

Small and Medium Business

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Small and Medium Business

If you have opened a small business, you are to be commended. Small business owners are truly the lifeline of the American economy, and they continue to be relied upon by consumers far and wide. At the same time, you have probably grown up hearing the sobering statistics regarding how many small businesses fail within the first years. While those are sadly true, they certainly do not need to reflect your own situation. You are devoted to your business and you are convinced to make it work. With that in mind, here are four key tips to help you make sure your SMB lasts more than five years.

Have a Solid Business Plan in Place

Before the days of GPS, you would not set out on a road trip before knowing exactly where you were heading. To do so would just be an invitation for disaster, not to mention more than a few unhappy passengers! Business is the same way. You are too small to leave things to chance, so you need to have a solid business plan in place to guide you through the initial years. This will help ensure that you have thought of various contingencies and that you are prepared for any roadblocks as the pop up.

Develop a Unique Niche

If there are already twenty businesses in your area doing the same thing, do not make the mistake of thinking that you can overcome them all. You need to know your market well and enter a location where the products and services that you offer will be in high demand. Developing a unique niche will give you a leg up. People will grow to recognize you much more quickly that way.

Ramp up Your Online Security

With so much information being stored digitally today, you need to ensure that you have security measures in place. Ramp up your online security with the help of protective resources, like CYBERGUARD360, so that the integrity of that data is as protected as it can be. A security breach can be devastating to a small business, so you need to work hard to prevent that from happening.

Have a Safety Net

As a small business, you need a safety net. Make sure that you have a cash reserve in the bank to help you weather the difficult times. Alternatively, you want to make sure you have a line of credit that you can tap if needed. However, you will want to leave it alone unless you absolutely need it. This will help you make it past that five year mark.

If you will follow these four pieces of advice, your business will be positioned for success in the long term. The key is to be prepared and to know your market well. If you can do that, your small business will be well on its way to make it to the five year mark and beyond.

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