Make Money Creating And Selling Videos With eKco

If you follow any of the big internet marketing gurus, such as Jeremy Schoemaker (aka ShoeMoney) or Chris Brogan, you’ll notice that they make the majority of their income by selling their knowledge and expertise online via digital products such as online courses and videos.

Many self-employed consultants, bloggers, coaches, social media specialists and the like charge clients big money for them to help their business. Many businesses cannot afford one-on-one coaching and/or consultations.

But those same consultants and coaches are also using their knowledge and expertise to create videos that those same businesses (or someone wanting to start their own business) can watch and learn for much less than actually hiring that person. This is a win-win for all parties involved!

Benefits of creating and selling videos

What are you an expert in? Do you find yourself telling clients the same things they need to go over and over? You already have the content to create a video (or video series).

  • No time restraints – Create videos when you have time from anywhere
  • Earn passive income – Sell digital products online 24/7 after creating
  • Grow your business – After watching videos, purchasers may buy more of your videos, want to hire you for a bigger consultation job or even invite you to be a keynote speaker at a conference

How do you start creating and selling videos?

I knew that would be your next question! eKco created a comprehensive A-to-Z solution that shows you exactly how to convert your existing knowledge into digital products to generate a passive income stream you want and need to grow your business. They give you all the tools you need with their easy-to-use platform.

Advantages of eKco

  • Start selling immediately from the moment you sign up
  • No technical expertise required
  • Proven, step-by-step Masterclass training program
  • Sell in 3 easy steps: customize, upload, start selling
  • Receive payments via Paypal
  • Customize interface to get perfect branding
  • 24/7 support available
  • FREE 30-day Trial

With eKco’s free 30-day trial, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so start selling your knowledge now!


Make Money Creating & Selling Videos with eKco