How Popular Bloggers Are Overcoming Writer's Block

Writer’s block is a phrase that is feared by writers, the very sound of it can send a shiver down their spine. This occurs when a writer hits a brick wall and doesn’t know what to write about. This is especially common among bloggers because they have to consistently publish new content to their blog, or risk losing subscriptions or search engine rankings. Let’s look at four of the top methods used by bloggers to overcome this terrible phrase.

    1. Quick Internet Search

When many bloggers don’t know what to write about, they will use their 4G Internet to turn to search engines. A blogger will enter in some broad information about their topic and will see what comes up. This will typically bring up a wide range of sub-topics about the subject, which could potentially inspire some new ideas.

    1. Take A Break

Sometimes, the best thing for a blogger to do is take a break for a few days. When we become overworked in a particular area, our minds become groggy and it becomes hard to think. Take time to work on an outside project that has nothing to do with writing or blogging, possibly even from your 4G Internet, and then come back to your blog. Who knows, you might even become inspired by your outside project with a new topic. Although, during this time you really shouldn’t be trying to brainstorm either.

    1. Talk To A Friend

We all have encouraging friends who work to push us and help us out with what we’re doing in our lives. Take some time to talk to that special person and see if they can help you come up with new ideas. It can often be helpful to get an outside perspective instead of always thinking inside of your own box. Maybe they could even write some guest content for your blog if they feel that they are up to the job. You can even ask this friend to critique some of your past work so that you can improve as a blogger. This friend can be online using your 4G Internet, or they can be somebody you can talk to in person.

    1. Think About The Reader

It is vital for all bloggers to be able to possess this skill. You need to be able to think about your blog from you reader’s perspective. Why are they reading these articles? Why did they subscribe? Write content that is going to be interesting to them. Be informative, and try to keep a lightened attitude to make it more enjoyable to read. When you think like a reader, you can come up with new ideas for them.