Should you seek investors for your company?

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Supplement Income

Investments can be wise moves, and there are various ways that people can choose to invest their money. One such way is with the assistance of an investment group. An example of an investment group is Fortress Investment Wes Edens manages. Investment groups are usually highly diversified groups that have a deep experience in various investment fields and apply their expertise to a wide range of investment activities. Some of the investment strategies that they might engage in include credit, liquid markets, private equity and traditional asset management on behalf of their clients. There are various benefits that clients can get from using the services of investment groups as well.

Predictable Returns

Group investments such as those that derive revenue from rents paid by tenants offer investors predictable returns. For instance, some investors invest in rental properties and then allow property management groups to manage their properties for them, generating recurring cash flows for the investors without all the hands-on work of dealing with the property. Investors can usually count on a steady cash flow when they invest in group investments.

Capital Appreciation

The values of some types of capital can increase through the use of group investments. For instance, if investors invest in property, the values of their properties can be increased when they are repositioned, when improvements are made to them or when they stay occupied and result in stable monthly distributions of income. Such assets appreciate over time and have a potential resale value that can be used to fund additional investments that can bring the investors additional wealth.

Tax Advantages

There are also tax advantages to utilizing the services of investment groups. For instance, from a tax perspective, the distributions that investors receive are favorable since those distributions have expenses and depreciation taken into account from the group to the individual equity partners. Additionally, any capital appreciation is not taken into consideration until the assets are sold, which also ends up being advantageous to taxpayers.


Investment groups have controls and safeguards that they must follow, so investors can rest assured that their investments will be going towards the right type of investments. For instance, many groups’ investment policies prohibit them from investing in certain types of assets or activities, defines limitations on borrowing that they must follow and limits its lenders, all of which is designed to safeguard the investors. It helps limit investors’ liability and reduces the amount of risk that they must undertake.


The financial records of investment groups are monitored regularly to ensure that they are accurate. Additionally, the groups are required to comply with all regulations, laws and strict financial reporting standards. Therefore, there is transparency that allows investors to easily monitor the results of their investments since the groups are required to adhere to generally accepted accounting principles and to have their financial statements at the disposal of the investors.

Protection from Liability

Perhaps one of the largest benefits to group investments is that individual shareholders are protected from individual liability. Rather, the greatest investment risk lies with the entire company instead of one individual, making it a somewhat safer investment strategy than some other strategies.

Investment groups can prove advantageous to investors in a variety of ways. They offer them numerous benefits and, if employed correctly, can be quite lucrative investment strategies.

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