Study While Being a Great Mom: 4 Tips for Learning Online

Study While Being a Great Mom: 4 Tips for Learning Online

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Study While Being a Great Mom: 4 Tips for Learning Online

Being a stay-at-home mom shouldn’t stop you from growing intellectually and professionally. eLearning offers fantastic opportunities for women in this situation as you can study while tending to your family. The convenience and benefits of online learning are so great that this industry has reached record-breaking $51.5 billion value in 2016. Taking an online course can be the first step to building your own business. However, this plan will succeed only if you know how to maximize the benefits of online learning, as this type of study is quite challenging.

4 Tips for Maximizing the Benefits of Online Learning

1.      Choose a course that fits your personal learning style

Online courses are usually based on visual (offering classes through presentations and videos) or textual (guides, handbooks, etc.) content. Many programs today combine the two, and some add audio podcasts as well. However, the balance of content forms differs quite a bit.

If you don’t know what kind of learner you are, you can take a quiz or simply give several courses a try. Be sure to note down your progress and personal feelings about the class. Reviewing these notes will give you a better understanding of yourself and the kind of study materials you should use.

2.      Choose a course in your own language or a really well-translated one

eLearning localization goes beyond simple translation of texts and must be performed by real professionals. If you can’t find a course originally created in your language, be sure to ask how it was localized. You can ask the course provider directly or assess a free version of it yourself.

History teaches us that translation mistakes can have disastrous consequences. A mistranslated online class might not lead to a war. However, it surely will be a disaster for your ability to act on the knowledge you get from the course.

3.      Be socially active

One of the greatest benefits of online learning is that you get to meet many new people. This includes both your fellow students and educators. People learn best during discussions, so eLearning classes always have multiple discussion feeds. You should participate in at least a few active discussions to truly benefit from the class.

If your ultimate goal is to build a business, now would be a good time to start networking. You can also spark discussions on the topics that interest you but that don’t get enough attention in lesson materials. Get the educators involved by either writing to them through private messages or addressing your comments in group discussions.

4.      Keep your learning organized

Flexibility and convenience are the main benefits of online learning. However, they also make this type of studying a challenge as it’s easy to start slacking off. It’s a common problem for moms who are extremely busy all the time. So, a class that doesn’t require mandatory attendance often goes ignored.

To maximize the effect on eLearning, you should treat it as you would any regular class. Create a study plan that will fit your schedule and stick to it. Set up a space where you can work without distractions and dedicate yourself fully to the class. Keep your mind on the lesson and be sure to participate in all activities as well as read through all recommended materials. Treat your studies seriously and you’ll definitely succeed.

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