Any corporate employee worth their salt knows just how much your business proposal matters when trying to win over a new customer. Those employees that have much experience writing stellar business proposals get paid top dollar for their expertise.

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To help you climb the corporate ladder and find more success with selling new clients, we’ve listed ten important business proposal format hacks you need to know.

1. Use a Title Page

The first thing to keep in mind is that you need to use a title page. A title page gets the reader’s eyes ready for the meaty material and gives them a quick overview of the document that they’re reading.

2. Don’t Skimp on the Visuals

Remember that a picture is worth a thousand words. Don’t skimp on the visuals when you develop your business proposal. Choose one of these proposal templates that uses them frequently and ensure that the ones you use are high-quality visuals.

3. Introduce Your Team

Take time in your business proposal to introduce your team. Business is never impersonal — if you can establish a human connection with the proposal reader, you are that much more likely to win their business.

4. Include the Problem Statement

Your business proposal should include a brief statement of the problem that your company is attempting to solve. This will show the reader that you have a good understanding of the situation at hand.

5. Follow a Problem-Solution Logic

In your proposal format, follow the problem with the natural logic of providing a solution. Address each part of your problem and how your solution will take care of it.

6. Structure it With a Table of Contents

Remember to structure your proposal with a table of contents. This will allow your proposal readers to quickly find and reference specific segments of the material.

7. Include an Executive Summary

An executive summary should always be included at the start of your business proposal. This will give executive readers who have little time to read through the entire proposal a quick overview of the solution you offer.

8. Leverage Social Proof

In your proposal, be sure to leverage social proof. Include statistics on your industry followings and customer base numbers whenever relevant to show your proposal readers just how much credibility you have in the industry.

9. Include a Customer Testimonial Section

If you have had any previous customers that are similar to the one you’re pitching right now, include their story in your business proposal. That will give your reader added confidence in your ability to address their problem.

10. Use Numbers Whenever Possible

Remember that numbers make goals and results seem far more tangible than abstract descriptions. Thus, make an effort to use numbers whenever possible in your proposal to give it additional weight.

Use These Business Proposal Format Hacks

There you have it — with these actionable business proposal format hacks, you’re well on your way toward doing a better job of pitching and selling new clients.

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