Super Moms! 5 Keys to Running a Successful Business While Starting a Family

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Pregnant women starting a new business face a number of challenges that the average man or woman might not face. Still, a growing number of pregnant women find the pressure to find money to pay growing medical expenses and bills outweighs those challenges. Actually, there are a few advantages associated with working at home. Many women discovered that starting a business in their home helped them ease their financial burdens while looking forward to starting a family.

Working At Home

Working at home is a great idea. However, it is also a good idea to check with the local township laws to determine if you are allowed to run a business at home. Some local restrictions might apply to your business. For example, a daycare business requires that the owner follow certain rules and regulations.

Get Advice

Contact a lawyer that works with small business owners. The lawyer will provide important legal advice on setting up the business and filing a legal name. Good legal advice will give the new business owner peace of mind. This is certainly important during this important stage.


Pregnant women should learn to prioritize their time and pay attention to their health. Find an OBGYN like Dr. Gilbert Webb and keep regular appointments during the pregnancy. This way the pregnant mom will ensure optimal health for you and your baby. Pregnant moms have endless resources available to finding an OBGYN. If their schedule is too tight with running their business, there are quick and easy websites like that can help them find the right doctor. Certainly, they should take time for the business, and take personal time. The key to prioritizing begins with determining the amount of time devoted to running the business. For example, are they going to work full time or part time? Small business experts suggest that the new entrepreneur start part-time, and let the business grow gradually. After the birth, they might expand the business to a full time venture.

Family Involvement

Certainly, any pregnant entrepreneur requires family support. Often, small children or the spouse might feel ignored. The new entrepreneur devotes her time to running the small business and does not interact with the family. This ignites resentment. Instead, involve the spouse and small children in the business venture. This will establish a mutual bond and deeper connection. Thus, dissolving resentment.

Establish Goals

Remember to set goals for the business. Set a time-line. Decide the steps to take that lead to reaching the business goals.

Women should learn to look at the situation realistically. It is going to take time and effort to start the new business venture while they are pregnant. Still, thousands have found it possible to have a baby, run a household, and small business successfully.

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