How To Find Support for Your Non-Profit

Support for Your Non-Profit

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You’re completely dedicated to making your non-profit organization succeed because it serves an important purpose in your community. But some days, it’s difficult to find enough money to pay the bills, and you wonder if you’ll be able to stay afloat. You might think that you’ve exhausted all possible sources of support, but there may be a few you’ve missed. Read on to learn about them.

Expand Individual Donations

For many non-profits, the majority of support comes through individual donations. You probably have many loyal donors who contribute regularly, but you should always be looking for ways to increase donations. Consider reaching out through an email campaign, including current and past donors. Explain your needs, and encourage them to give either a one-time donation or, preferably, a monthly donation. You may feel rather uncomfortable doing this, but part of getting the money you need is asking for it. You may even turn your campaign into a quarterly or monthly newsletter to keep your organization fresh in your donors’ minds.

You should also try to attract new donors. Ask if you can make presentations about your organization at local events or at least have an information booth. Talk to local business groups and churches. Build a website, set up social media pages so that people have a way to get more information, and include online donation options if possible.

Hosting an annual fundraiser or a couple of smaller fundraisers might also be a good option for your organization. You might hold a banquet or a concert and charge admission. See if you can get discounts or even in-kind donations for food and entertainment. Plan a silent auction, too, with donated items. There are plenty of possibilities here, so get creative.

Turn to Grants

Your organization could also benefit from grants. Depending on the services you provide, you may be able to apply for grants that allow you to make repairs to your building, carry out a special project or start a new program. Be aware, though, that most grants do not cover daily operating costs. Research grants of all kinds, looking especially at public charities that support organizations like yours and various foundations. Jeffrey Previte is an entrepreneur and executive who has started a family charitable trust designed to support good causes, just like your organization. There are many such foundations in existence, so read about them, and apply to several.

Grant writing is an intricate, time-consuming endeavor, so be ready to spend many hours researching grants, filling out applications, meeting with potential grant providers and tracking information for grants you receive. Watch out, too, for grants that require matching funds or have strings attached with regard to how you can spend the money and what you have to do to receive it.

Get Corporate Support

Finally, reach out to local businesses for support. Companies, both large and small, are often willing to donate money or in-kind goods and services to non-profits. Put together a package that explains your organization and its services, and present it to local businesses. You might be surprised by the response you get.

Finding support for your non-profit requires much time and effort, but it’s worth it when you see the good your organization does in your community.

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