The Home-Based Business: 5 Signs it is Time to Move to an Office Building

You’re living the dream! Working out of your house, in your pajamas with your furry friend by your side is what many people dream of and you’re doing it. There could be trouble, though. If your home business is outgrowing your home office space, it might be time to consider moving out into an office. Watch for these signs.

1. You’re Uninspired at Home

There’s only so much gilded office accessories and perfectly neutral paint colors in your home office can do for you. Even though a bland office space may not seem like the most inspiring place, it might be just what you need to get more done. If you’re uninspired by your home office, consider a true office space.

2. The House Just Doesn’t Have Space

When your office starts encroaching on other areas of the home, it’s time to start talking to moving companies because you’ve officially outgrown your home office space. The office environment will give you a chance to spread out and do your business in a way that doesn’t mess up your dining room (or living room or nursery).

3. Clients See it as Unprofessional

Seeing clients in your home office is more acceptable when you’re first getting started. People usually understand a new business has to start somewhere, but if you’re seeing more than a few clients each day, you might need a dedicated office space. In fact, you might be breaking zoning laws in your area if you’re operating a business in a residential zone and drawing a lot of attention with clients coming every day.

4. Your Business Growth Is Halted

If you’re growing your company and things seem to be at a standstill, the problem could be your home office space. When you don’t have space to physically spread out, it could be making things harder on you to figuratively spread out to a different area.

5. Work-Life Balance is Off

Working from home can disrupt your work-life balance. You might be doing too much work at home or…too much home at work. If you have an office that you go to and come home from each day, you’ll be more productive in both the office and home environments. Bonus: create your own dress code at your office so you can still work in your yoga pants!

As long as your business is growing, you need to consistently think of how you can accommodate that growth. The fact that you’re outgrowing your home office is actually a sign of success.