Everyone knows someone that loves their gadgets; whether it’s the latest mobile phone or a smart refrigerator, there is always one that needs them all. For those people, there are always gadgets that they must have each year, and this year is no exception. If your life isn’t complete without your gadgets, then here are the top five must-have gadgets for this year.

Smartphone Stabilizers

If you have ever been on holiday or at the top of a windy mountain and you are trying to get that perfect picture, you will know that a smartphone isn’t always the best choice. That is why many people have tried to use cameras that have built-in stability compensation. However, there are now gadgets that can stabilize your mobile phone for you while you try to take those action shots. Some of them work much like a selfie stick, but the grip is able to move and cancel out any movement from you or anything else. You won’t even have to remove your Samsung Galaxy S7 case to fit it.  

Power Banks

One of the inevitable things in modern life is that your phone will run out of battery just when you need it the most. That is why the rise of the power bank has been so popular; they can recharge your phone almost as fast as the mains power and they are portable to some extent. The new versions of these power banks have gone one stage further now by also having an AC output. That means you can charge not only your mobile phone or tablet but also your laptop. It is a big breakthrough for those who are always on the move but don’t always have access to a plug socket. It also means that no matter where you are, you will always be in contact with your home automation system.

Smart Doorbell

Considering manufacturers have made many things in the home smarter, it was only a matter of time before the humble doorbell was upgraded. It is an amazing piece of technology that can help those that are away from home for a lot of the time. The smart doorbell works by activating a small camera when the bell is pressed. It then sends the picture to your phone wherever you are because it is connected to your home Wi-Fi.

GPS Watch for Kids

Keeping your kids safe is every parent’s priority, and with something like the new GPS watches being developed, this can be a big plus for most parents. The watch looks like any other kids watch, but a built-in GPS tracker tells the parents in real time where they are on their smartphone.  

Printing Phone Case

For the person that has everything except a way to print their photos on the move, the new printer phone cases could be just the thing. They use ink-free technology to forgo changing cartridges, and it can print your photos instantly, which is great for holidays when you want to give your friends a gift.

With these top five must-have gadgets, you will soon be the envy of your friends.