10 Easy Ways to Monetize Your Website

Easy Ways to Monetize Your Website

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There are so many people nowadays who make money online, it really isn’t a novelty anymore. If you run a personal blog or website, chances are you’ve probably already heard of different ways you could earn money from it. Regardless of the fact whether making money is your primary goal for the website, there are still profits to be made, even from casual blogging. In this article I’ve covered some of the most popular and effective ways to monetize your website content.

1. Pay Per Click

Pay per click advertising is one of the most popular ways to earn money while sharing interesting content on your website. Google AdSense is the best known platform that enables publishers to earn from $0.50 to $5 and more per click on commercials. This platform is very strict and has an elaborated Terms of Service that need to be read, before applying.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Websites with high traffic are perfect for affiliate marketing engagement. There are several different affiliate marketing platforms, and one of the most famous ones is Amazon Ads, which places their products on publisher’s webpage and shares the profit obtained from the purchase. With most affiliate marketing platforms, publishers can earn from 30% to 70% of the product price.

Easy Ways to Monetize Your Website

3. Selling Ad Space

Popular websites can sell their ad space directly to the companies who are interested to promote their products or services. This way you are avoiding to pay mediator fees and when it comes to selling ads, this is probably the best deal you can get.

4. Turning Blog Posts in a Book or eBook

Selling your own digital or analogue product is a great way to earn money. You create content and add it to your website anyway, so take out several interesting posts, add some material you haven’t published already and turn it into an eBook. If your eBook becomes popular, you can always make a print version as well, and sell it.

Easy Ways to Monetize Your Website

5. Ask for Donations

Donation buttons are really easy to set up, but collecting money this way can be really hard. You need to thoroughly explain to your donors, how you’re going to spend their money. There are also many different tools that can help you collect more donations. Be sure to include as many online payment systems as possible and to set an achievable goal, with success tracker that will tell how much money you collected.

6. Charge “Leads” to Other Websites

Link building is one of the foundations of good search engine optimization and if you administrate a popular website in competitive niche, you will definitely receive many requests for guest posts. This is very useful for building up website content as well as for earning few bucks on the side. Popular websites often charge link builders to add their posts (with a link to their website) to their blog’s timeline.

7. Setup an Online Store

Many successful blogs add online stores to their website layout. This works very well for niche specific bloggers, who produce good quality content. E-commerce is currently one of the fastest growing industries and if a blogger already has big audience who are interested in products from his/her niche, a blog can be a great place to promote and sell them.

8. Sell Your Website

There are many different places where you can sell your website and monetize all of your previous investments. Website price mainly depends on its profitability that can come from ads, e-commerce or some other lucrative activity. Websites that earn $1000 a month cost from $10,000 to $20,000 (from 10x to 20x of the monthly income), depending on the website structure, content, niche, etc.

9. Introduce Subscription

Many news websites offer only basic news texts for free, while premium reportages and expert analysis are being offered only to visitors who pay monthly or annual subscription. This way interested readers get top quality content and administrators can easily monetize their work.

10. Offer Consulting

Creating content makes you an expert in your niche, and you can always charge your knowledge by offering consulting services to individuals and companies who are interested. Niche specific website is a great place to promote these offerings.

You shouldn’t believe in get-rich-fast schemes, when it comes to internet earning. Although methods I’ve mentioned here won’t make you instantly rich, they will work fine in the long run, for websites that continuously produce good quality content and engage their audience in the right way.

Easy Ways to Monetize Your Website

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