Top 9 Twitter Advertising Networks

Twitter Advertising Networks

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Last Updated on January 20, 2024 by Work In My Pajamas

This post was originally entitled the “Top 7” but as I find more twitter revenue avenues to use, I’ll update accordingly.

Do I tweet for money? Yes, I admit I do.

Now I don’t just tweet out blatant ads.  In fact I reject over 50% of the ads offered to me because they are irrelevant to my audience. I’m not going to jeopardize losing subscribers that way.

So many new “Twitter Networks” are popping up that I thought I’d list the ones I’m currently using (yes, this list is for me to remember, too). I’ll put in alphabetical order as to not show favoritism.

Twitter Networks


I signed up for this one after Shoemoney recommended it (he’s so gonna win that Macbook Pro for referring the most friends).

2. Magpie

This was the first twitter network that originally randomly published tweets on your behalf, but they’ve now joined the cool kids club and let you approve/deny tweets.

3. MyLikes

Create sponsored likes (tweets) and get paid per click. Plus refer friends to win an Apple iPad.

4. Revtwt

Easy enough to use (can manage multiple twitter streams under one account). Lots of international opps. 20% Referral Earnings.

5. Sponsored Tweets

Ok, this one has been my favorite so far.  Why? Because I’m a fan of Izea, and I’ve made the most money from them so far. So much for  impartiality.

6. Twittad

Twittad also offers the opportunity for advertisers to sponsor your twitter background with advertisements.  I’m okay with pimping out my  background on my non-personal twitter accounts.

My only complaint about all of them (except Revtwt) is having to have an account for each separate twitter account.  I have several twitter accounts – that I manage through Hootsuite – and it’s a pain to have to have log in, log out, log in, log out, etc.

And yes, dear FTC, all of the above are referral links where I may earn a referral fee if you join and make money as well.

Additional Twitter Advertising Networks

*That I found through Google that I have not personally tested yet:

7. Assetize

no referral program

8. BeTweeted

referral program for advertisers only

9. Twivert

this one looks the most promising

Am I missing any? If so, leave your referral link, and I’ll sign up through you.

Be sure to follow @workinmypajamas for post updates.  I’ll auto-follow you back and try not to blast out too many twitter ads. 🙂

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