4 High-Paying Entrepreneurial Professions That Let You Work at Home

work from home ideas that pay high

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One of the hottest trends in employment is the increasing flexibility to work from home. In a rapidly changing world, presence at the office is no longer as important as depth of knowledge and experience. Companies and clients simply want the best candidate for the job. With the growing acceptance of remote work and with video conferencing technologies leading the way, we are now seeing professionals and entrepreneurs who conduct all their client business from home.

work from home ideas that pay high

Let’s take a look at four high-paying entrepreneurial professions that let you work from home.


Years ago, doctors made house calls to visit people who were sick and couldn’t easily come to their office for a visit. Then things changed and medical offices with multiple doctors became the norm. With this change, patients had to make appointments well in advance and queue up in the waiting room. We have come full circle and there are now doctors who conduct their patient consultations by video and are able to diagnose conditions and prescribe medicine too. These doctors are highly qualified and provide top notch care without ever leaving your home. You can also choose from multiple physicians within a state and read online reviews on each provider.


One of the big considerations when you are considering becoming a lawyer is how expensive tuition is. It’s estimated that the three-year cost of attending an in-state public school is $82,000 and for a private or out of state school it could be $147,000. As our world increasingly transforms into a knowledge economy, there are many options for lawyers to work from home and provide quality services to startups, established businesses, consumers and even contract with larger law firms. Best of all, with remote options, you can choose to live in a desirable lower cost area and use the money you save each month to quickly pay off your student loans.

Technology Professionals

If you are fortunate to have a proven track record in technology or software development, there are numerous opportunities to work remotely. Web designers and software developers can easily interact with clients by video, connect with their teams using new messaging technology and do all of their design and coding work from the comfort of a local coffee shop or their home. It’s also easy to provide computer support services that are in high-demand without having to go into an office. Software allows you to connect directly to client systems so you can easily troubleshoot and resolve problems and instantly assist customers. When you work at home you have much more flexibility and you avoid the cost and hassle of the daily commute.

Marriage and Family Therapists

Clients are becoming more comfortable with the idea of meeting with their counselors or therapists via video conferencing or over the phone. Instead of having to leave work or home and fight traffic on the way to the professional’s office, clients can now schedule appointments and be instantly connected to their therapist at a time that suits them. Counselors who do remote work report that clients attend their sessions regularly and patient no-shows are greatly reduced which results in greater revenue for the therapist. It’s a win-win for therapists and their patients in so many ways.

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