3 Link Building Strategies That You Must Consider In 2020

link building

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Where link building is very important to take a business to new heights of success, it is also an arduous task to do at the same time. Despite hundreds of search engine updates, link building is still the best way to ensure that your SEO strategy works and your website ranks high in the search engine results. 

link building

So, the question that every business should be asking is how to optimize their SEO efforts? 

To find an answer to this question, I have conducted a thorough industry survey. According to recent research by Moz, building quality links is still one of the strongest factors that play a huge part in the ranking of a website. 

If you plan to make an investment in link building, you need to have the right kind of information to make sure that it turns out to be profitable. As someone who has spent years in the marketing industry, here are 3 link building strategies that have produced and continue to produce the best results.

Useful Content 

When you look at things from a broader perspective, content is the heart and soul of any link building strategy. It doesn’t mean that you should pour your hard-earned money into producing irrelevant content. If you want to generate the best results out of your link building campaign, you need to produce useful content. Now, a question that arises in the minds of most startups is what is useful content and how is it different from regular content. 

For a copywriter, any content that is free of grammatical errors is quality content, but that doesn’t mean that it is useful if your reader is not able to extract any value from it. So, it is best if you employ top-notch Guest Blogging Services who focus on producing content that is valuable for the reader rather than focusing on quantity. 

Resource Pages

Where the previous two strategies focus on building traffic from scratch, you need to employ this strategy to make sure that you can benefit from the existing traffic related to your niche on the internet. It doesn’t matter if you are running a charity website, a sports website, a plumbing company, or a digital marketing company, you can find an untapped treasure of pages that voluntarily link out to relevant websites in their industry. 

When you acquire links from pages that already have a moderate inflow of quality traffic and have been live for years, you can convince search engines that you are a quality website.

Eye-Catching Infographics

One of the most emerging link building strategies is using infographics to spread information. They can be termed as a sort of a clickbait, which has a huge potential of going viral. So, they give businesses the opportunity to make more impressions and generate high-quality links. 

In a survey by Buffer, out of a million blog posts which are published on different websites every day, only 45% of readers who come in contact with that blog post read it for more than 15 seconds. Each infographic you produce needs to be optimized for keywords, research, statistics, and story.

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