6 Of The Best Apps Your Business Should Be Using

With the host of apps out there to choose from, figuring out which ones you actually need can cause a major headache. While there are plenty of apps you’ll try out and then ditch before long, there are others that most business professionals can’t live without. Read on to learn about six apps you should give a chance.


There’s a huge percentage of business professionals and entrepreneurs who consider PayPal the premier invoicing tool. If you rely on PayPal payments from clients or if you use your PayPal account to make business purchases, you’ll want to be able to keep up with it when you’re out and about. The PayPal app for the iPhone makes it easy to check your balance, withdraw money to your bank account and send money to other PayPal users.


Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram doesn’t have an easy way to schedule posts. Latergramme works to solve that problem where HootSuite and similar posting apps have fallen short. With Latergramme, you upload a photo, write a caption and then schedule it for a certain time and day. When the time comes, you’ll get a notice that it’s time to post your photo. While it won’t do it automatically for you – there’s no way to do that for Instagram just yet – it is the most effective way to stay on schedule.


Several social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn, integrate with Buffer so that you can post in real time or schedule posts for later. Buffer goes above and beyond, though, providing tons of valuable insight for its users. From their regularly updated blog with the latest social media information to built-in analytics, you won’t need to use any other posting tool once you try Buffer.


If you love making lists, try out Wanderlust. You can make lists within lists and then notes within those lists. You can add links and upload files, and you can even schedule certain tasks for certain days. You can easily alphabetize your lists or reorganize them to your liking. If your “Business Building” list includes creating visual designs for your brand or updating your software, consider speaking with the professionals at Cogitech Solutions. Their team of software engineers, project managers and architects create scalable software for businesses. Whether you are looking for app development or solutions to tech challenges, it’s important to work with experts in the field.


Business professionals are constantly coming across articles that they want to read at some point. If you don’t have time to read something in the moment, save it to Pocket. The free version lets you save links, read them in reading mode sans advertisements, and even organize your links with tags. Add Pocket as an app to your phone and as a button on your browser – your account will sync automatically across all your devices.


Even the busiest entrepreneurs need to unwind once in awhile. The Headspace app will guide you through meditation. Choose from short, “emergency” programs to longer ones.

From replenishing your bank account to taking a much-needed break, your business-centric apps should take into account everything you need and handle on a regular basis.