6 Tools Your Online Business Needs To Stay Ahead Of Competition

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There are several effective online tools designed to make running your business much easier and more efficient. Whether you’re concerned with managing expenses, organizing daily tasks or sending out electronic catalogs, the following tools will help your operations run smoother in 2015.


Expensify is an expense tracking app that produces great expense reports. It also captures business receipts and tracks business travel, including time or mileage which can then be reviewed by your accountant.


Todoist is a task management tool that can easily organize, assign and manage each task into projects with specified deadlines. The system tracks your progress and gives you a “thumbs up” type of feedback if you finish your tasks promptly or a “thumbs down” if you leave your project left undone past its deadline.


If you want to successfully run an online business, it’s very important that you have a functioning website, as well as social media pages. eMerchant Club is a great tool to help you with social sharing, promotions and more. You can also pick from attractive website layouts so you can spend more time focusing on other important areas of your business.

If This Then That

If This Then That is an ideal tool for you to use when doing repeat tasks such as checking email. Program a daily task formula using this platform to automate your actions. For example, you can set up a formula that files all of your Google Mentions or that flags certain emails containing target keywords.


Lastpass is a tool that will help you safely store your passwords if you’re tired of having to recall passwords to multiple sites. Believe it or not, automatic storage of passwords saves valuable time, since you’ll never have to go through the process of resetting passwords ever again.


Cloze is a relatively new app that integrates your email and your social feeds so you can prioritize your email responses. You can also gain access to the latest social news when you’re responding to a topic of interest online using Cloze.

Running an online business can be made easier with these tools and apps. Staying organized and keeping your website looking great is an important part of running a business.

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