The Online Business 10 Products to Consider Selling that will give your Business the Competitive Edge

Whether your online business has already experienced success or you’ve just decided to open your own e-commerce store, deciding which products to sell on your website can be an extremely difficult task to overcome. Regardless of what your particular interests are, you must choose products that will be popular and that will help you stand out from your competition.

If you can’t think of any innovative products that will give your business your business the competitive edge, try adding the following 10 items and see your web sales increase:

1. Wood Watches

Wood watches are a relatively new phenomenon but are catching fire fast around the world. These items are relatively cheap to make and are unique because most watches are made from metal, plastic or rubber.

2. E-Cigarettes

E-Cigarettes are the perfect online business booster because millions of people from around the world are trying to quit smoking.

E-cigarettes are not new, but an online business that want to expand should add them to their website’s inventory.

3. Matcha Powder

Get your customers excited about being healthy with Match Powder.

Similar to other smoothie-like drinks, Matcha Powder is made from finely grind tea leaves and consumed in liquid format. It’s currently sold in a variety of health food stores, but not as popular in the online world.

Adding this to your store’s inventory is affordable because wholesale prices are extremely low.


ASEA is a revolutionary new health drink that helps business professionals and athletes alike recover from illness and injury, and stay healthy for prolonged periods of time. The drink concentrates on fighting cellular inflammation because it gives the body natural molecules once the drink is consumed.

There are a tons of ASEA reviews currently available online where customers can read about the experience other people had when drinking ASEA, and adding this to your online inventory is a definite business game changer.

5. Coconut Oil

While coconut oil has been around for hundreds of years, people are only now beginning to realize its potential.

Coconut oil is often imported from countries overseas and used for a variety of purposes, from cooking and treating bug bites to using as a shaving cream, makeup remover and hair conditioner. Your customers will love the versatility of coconut oil and will always come back for more.

6. Wood Sunglasses

Accompany those wood watches with some wood sunglasses. Similar to wood watches, these types of sunglasses are still very new to the market and haven’t quite caught the attention of the masses. With the right promotion and the eco-friendly benefits that using wood comes with, environmental-friendly people will be headed to your e-commerce store in no time.

7. Headphones

Grab the attention of your music and electronic gear fans by selling a few popular brands of headphones online. Instead of going for the most expensive brand, choose an affordable one that comes with good reviews from consumers.

When selling headphones, also try to stick with cordless models that have use batteries instead.

8. GoPro Video Cameras

There’s nothing like capturing magical moments on camera with a quality GoPro camera. These are becoming widely popular and are surprisingly affordable. While it might be hard to find someone to sell them at clearance prices, spending the time to make some connections might well be worth it.

9. FitBit Wristbands

Exercise enthusiasts are uniting around this revolutionary new product that tracks your heartbeat, how many miles you’ve ran and how many calories were burned all at the same time. These wristbands are surprisingly affordable when compared to other exercise watches and trackers, and health nuts are looking everywhere for them.

10. Razor Scooters

While they are only scooters, kids and adults alike seem to love them. Adults ride them to work while their kids take them to the park with their friends for fun on the weekends.

Most Razor Scooters can be purchased for a very affordable price. Add these to your e-commerce website to help please your customers who have families.