7 Cool Additions to Add to Your Office


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For many people, their office is where they spend a majority of their time. Therefore, an office should feel like a home away from where you can be productive but cool. There are many great additions that you could make to your office that will inspire you and lead to greater productivity.

Wood Furniture

One way to make an office feel warm and inviting is to add wood furniture. This will give your office a rich feeling and exudes quality. A nice solid wood bookcase or armoire can make an provide a cool feeling no matter what kind of business is being conducted.

Great Desk

One of the mainstays of a cool office is a great desk. This is one piece that should be researched and invested in. There are so many different styles to fit anyone’s personality and preferences. Some people like a huge, sprawling desk while others prefer not to waste space. No matter what type you choose, this is an important part of your office that anyone who enters will notice so spend time and money on this!

Chalkboard/Dry Erase Paint

One cool trend for homes and offices right now is chalkboard and dry erase painted walls. Pick a wall in your office to use as a creative center. This is a great place to make notes or jot down ideas. You may even just choose to use it as a doodle pad to let your creative side show.

Comfortable Chairs

Comfortable seating can make or break your day. If you spend the majority of your day working at a computer or chatting with clients, you are going to need comfortable seating. Make sure you can move if you need to move and don’t be cheap when purchasing additional seating for your office. You want anyone who enters to be comfortable and feel they are taken care of.


Having great lighting is important in so many areas of life. Quality lighting in your office is a definite must have. Not only do you need good lighting to complete work, but this also literally affects how your client sees you.

Accent wall

One interior design trend that could certainly lend itself to the office is adding an accent wall. Painting one wall in your office a bright color or using brick or wood to add texture catches the eye and adds interest to your space.


Tasteful and beautiful art pieces can make a huge impact in your office space. Pick something that inspires you and makes your workplace a space you enjoy spending time in.

These are simple ways to change the way your office feels. Use these additions to make the most of your office and make it a cool place to spend your work day.

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