When you work from home, it’s important that you have a proper office space. Setting a space like this up allows you to see clients at home and still maintain a professional image while doing it.

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If you’re trying to create the perfect in-house office space, here are five cool ways to make that happen.

The Attic

Although the slanted roof of your attic might seem like a disadvantage, the roof’s height is actually perfect for a desk and a low cabinet. And, as the DIY Network notes, an attic with a slanted skylight and a few low couches makes for a cozy writing nook. If you don’t conduct meetings or customer interfacing at home, an attic office might be just the thing you need to get away from household to-dos while you work.

The Garage

A big draw for those who convert a garage to a home office space is the big garage doors. This feature offers you an advantage for a couple of reasons. First, the open garage door lets in an enormous amount of natural light. And second, if you have any outdoor room space, like an outdoor fire pit, this room can become a part of that space as well when you entertain clients.

Convert a Shipping Container

The converted shipping container appeals to the green- and budget-minded business pro. In recent years, people have converted shipping containers to restaurants, homes, and office spaces. For those who work in industries, like recycling, or who just need a budget home office option, shipping containers are the way to go. They also come with the added benefit of being relatively easy to move. An attic office can be moved in pieces but a shipping container can be moved anytime as a unit.

The Walk-In Closet

The modern walk-in closet in the master suite or spare room of a home usually runs the size of a small bedroom. With abundant shelves and drawers sometimes already built in, there is little need to buy extra office furnishings to covert this space to an office. Just bring in your desk and chair, add some extra light, and get to work.

The Spare Bedroom

Although some people will put an office in an open room like the den, putting the home office space in a bedroom instead offers a few advantages. For one thing, you have a door that you can close when you’re making client calls. For another thing, you also have a dedicated office space that you can leave behind at the end of the day, making transitioning from work to life a lot easier. When the door to the office closes, so does your mind to work, making room and time for family activities.

The nice thing about in-house office spaces is the number of possibilities that you have. These run the gamut from converted shipping containers to the upstairs attic. Each offers you a place to work in peace and to entertain clients. They also make for a short commute, making them winning choice all around.