Having the best home office setup will allow you to be more productive. Without the proper tools, your work can suffer.

On the other hand, when you have all of the tools necessary, you’ll find your work day well underway and your productivity at an all time high.

9 Must Have Electronics and Apps to Create the Best Home Office Setup

Continue reading this article to learn the best apps and tech for your home office.

Your Guide to the Best Home Office Setup

Beyond office stationery and office furniture you can get on Winc online and other ecommerce stores, there are many other gadgets and apps that are must-haves. Check with your accountant if you want to know what you can deduct on your upcoming taxes.

1. Wireless Printer

Wireless printers allow you to reduce the number of wires that plague your office. You can easily network your printer with your computer to print off documents.

Another benefit of wireless printers is the ability to move them around to where you need them. You don’t have to hope all of the cables reach your computer.

2. Speakerphone

Having a speakerphone can allow you to stay on the phone when you’re using your hands. You may also wish to have someone else in your office to let them in on the conversation and a speakerphone makes it much easier.

3. Dropbox

Whether you’re running an accounting business or you’re running an Amazon FBA business, you need to store information. Storing data on the cloud allows you to free up space on your computer.

4. Toggl

Toggl is a time tracking apps with both free and paid versions. You can categorize your time and even output reports for clients so you can invoice them for your time.

5. Evernote

Evernote allows you to take notes on your phone, computer, tablet or any other device and sync them together. Keeping notes in Evernote allows you to have a searchable database of all of your notes.

You can also insert photos and videos in your Evernote to help bring your notes to the next level.

6. Zoom

Do you need video conferencing to meet with your team or clients? Video conferencing allows for faster relationship building. Being able to see each other’s body language makes it easier than ever see communicate over long distances.

7. Asana

Asana is a great tool for collaboration. If you have a remote team, it is an easy way to make sure tasks are getting done and everyone knows what their role is.

8. Portable Hard Drive

A portable hard drive allows you to store information off your main computer. If your computer’s hard drive corrupts or if someone hacks your computer, you’ll have the information backed up and safe.

9. Wireless Mouse

A wireless mouse is an inexpensive and easy upgrade but makes a big difference when you’re working online. You may only be using your laptops pad but having a wireless mouse allows you to have ease of use without adding cords to your setup.

Want More Home Work Tips?

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