A Guide to Hiding Ripoff Reports

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Ripoff Reports can do a lot of damage to any business. These reports can hurt sales and can destroy a consumer’s trust in you. If your business gets a bad review or a complaint posted on that site, then the review could end up ranking well on the search engines, and could be one of the first things a prospective customer sees about your company.

Reputation management is important for any business. Keeping control of what shows up in Google, Bing and Yahoo really matters if you want to grow your business. It takes just a few minutes for a disgruntled customer to submit a damaging review on a site such as ripoffreports.com and the damage that they do could stay with your company for many years.

If you are concerned about your online reputation, then you should look at getting help with online reputation management from a qualified agency. If you want to sort out your reputation, and potentially remove Ripoff Reports from Google searches related to your brand, try our tips.

How Can You Hide Bad Reviews?

Unfortunately, you cannot completely eradicate bad reviews. What you can do, however, is promote positive content so that bad reviews are hidden and do not appear on the first page of the search results when people look for information about your brand. It takes time and patience to build up a large list of trusted reviews, but it can be done, and it is the only way to make sure, with confidence, that the first thing people will see are positive.

Promote Good Content

It can take six to twelve weeks for positive reviews and reports to appear on the first page of the search results. Usually, just getting good reviews alone will not be enough to ensure that the undesirable listings do not bubble up to the to of the search results, especially if you’re faced with negative reviews on trusted websites. You may need to bolster those positive reviews with a link building campaign that will support the newly added listings. This will help to push those listings up in the SERPS.

How Long Will it Take to Remove Ripoff Reports From the Front Page

A good reputation management company can remove negative reviews within 3-4 months. This might sound like a long time, but that’s because the search engines take time to spider new content. Reputation management companies have proven systems that can improve your online reputation, so once you hire their services you can be confident that the results will come.

How Much Does Reputation Management Cost?

Ripoff Report Removal services can start at around $1,000. The length of time it takes for results to appear can vary. You will have to wait as they go through a step by step process to build up positive reviews and bolster your online reputation. It is worth the wait, and the investment, to hide these damaging results from the front page of branded searches in the long term.

Ripoff Report Can Tank Your Business

There are a few things you can do yourself to hide negative search results on Google and in the other search engines:

  • Create a collection of micro-sites with YOURBRANDNAME in them, and add positive content to those sites.
  • Claim your brand’s usernames on sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Use blogger outreach to get blog posts from people who are interested in your products and services, and ask them to link to domains you control.
  • Get links to your company from popular industry directories.
  • Work with other companies and get links from their website.
  • Use unique content on every site that you add.
  • Create a YouTube account, and upload videos to it. These should rank well for your company name.
  • Write press releases each week and submit them to PRWeb and other similar sites
  • Add your blog to web directories, and be sure to mention your company by name in posts as often as possible
  • If you encounter negative content, remain polite, never threaten a blogger, poster, or webmaster in a bid to get content removed from a third party website.

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