How to Build a Recruitment Website

Many of us can still remember a time before the tentacles of the internet had penetrated every single aspect of the business world. It was what some might now call ‘a simpler time’ in many ways, but with the extra complexity of the contemporary business environment there are also new opportunities abound. The process of recruiting individuals to your business is perhaps one of the best illustrations of this, we once relied upon face-to-face meetings and had to manually follow up on any references in an application.

When it came to advertising a vacant position, our options were similarly limited and advertising outside of the immediate area that the business was located in was something of a rarity. While we thought nothing of it at the time, it simply being how things were done, we now know that only recruiting from the local geographical area serves to severely limit the pool of skillsets from which we can draw.

Using the internet, we can now advertise positions to the entire world! Building a dedicated website for recruiting into your business is a no-brainer in today’s environment; a website can be accessed by anyone, anywhere. It also gives you complete control over the environment that potential applicants are first exposed to with regards to your business. Building an effective recruitment website does require some careful thought and planning, but by following these simple tips you can ensure that yours is an effective and powerful recruitment tool.

Be Clear

This is crucial, both in terms of the language you use and the visual style of your design. You want to ensure that any visitors to your site have an easy time navigating it and picking out the most important pieces of information.

No Fluff

A recruitment website is a website with one very clear purpose, as soon as you start trying to add in unnecessary features you are detracting from this purpose. First impressions are important; if your recruitment website is filled with adverts and browser games then potential applicants may well wonder how professional the rest of your business is. Of course, if you’re an advertising agency or a browser game developer then you might get away with it.

Think Objectively

Try to view your recruitment site through the eyes of someone who has no prior knowledge of your business or the position that they are applying for. Ask yourself what pieces of information you would want to know the most if you were in their shoes, things like the salary, the requirements, the hours involved. Remember to keep it clear and focused, do not overload visitors with unnecessary details. This page from Salary Site is a great example of the kind of information to include.

The Personal Touch

It is always beneficial in business to strike a balance between keeping things professional, and showing that there is a human element behind your business. If you can include some testimonials from current employees these will help to add a more personal and human element to your website and will encourage more applicants.

Building a recruitment website is an excellent move for any business looking to maximize their prospects when recruiting for new positions. A well-designed recruitment website will instantly give you a huge advantage over your competitors.