Easy Ways to Make Money From Vacations

Easy Ways to Make Money From Vacations

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Easy Ways to Make Money From Vacations

The title of this article sounds a bit silly, but rest assured it is not written in jest. Going on vacation is not just about spending money on flights, hotels, and souvenirs. It can also be about creating some extra wealth with just a few preparations. Below are 3 easy tips for vacationers to earn some extra travel money while vacationing abroad.

Airline Miles

Did you know that you can sell your miles for cash, and that it is legal in every state except for Utah? That’s right. So for example, if you flew on vacation using Delta Airlines, you can go ahead and sell your Delta miles for money using a miles broker. That’s why it makes sense to travel a lot with one particular airline, so that you can rack up tons of miles and redeem them, either for hotels, gift cards, or cash.

Rent Your Home

This might have sounded crazy just 10 years ago, but now it is easier than ever to rent out your home while you travel. With sites likes AirBNB, you can not only list your home for certain dates that align with your vacation, but you can also vet whoever asks to stay in your home, which you can do by reading reviews of your potential tenants written by previous hosts. This lets you sleep well while on vacation, without having to worry about your home. The only snag may be the key handoff, but most homeowners will either hide their key or leave it with a neighbor.


The great thing about freelancing is that it can generally be done remotely. This means that if you’re on vacation but you want to earn some extra travel cash, you can quite easily register as a freelancer on a number of websites and offer services. Sites like Fiverr, Upwork, People Per Hour, and many more will allow you to offer a myriad of freelance services such as graphic design, content writing, proofreading and editing, social media promotion, and much more!

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