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It appears that Zac Johnson’s e-book is no longer available below, but you can still make money by using Flippa. Simply click here to see how easy it is to buy and sell websites, domains and apps!

I’m always keeping my options open when it comes to new business ventures. And while I think it sounds fun (and profitable) to go into the real estate flipping profession, I’m not sure I have enough property knowledge to invest in land and buildings.

But when I read Zac Johnson’s new book called “Flip This Website” I realized that I can indeed get into the real estate flipping business, only the real estate is websites and domain names. Now those are subjects that I can relate to!

I’m not a big fan of eBooks, but since this one was written by Zac Johnson and only $33 (50% off for 48 hours only), I read it cover to cover figuratively speaking to read exactly how he flips websites to make money. Zac is a colleague of mine that I have a ton of respect for and I know he earns thousands, if not millions of dollars online, so I wanted in on some of his secrets!

Zac can teach anyone step by step (newbies will appreciate the basics and veterans can skip to the good stuff) how to valuate and invest in domain names and websites, fix them up to make money, and then turn around and sell them for a profit if you choose. I got some great ideas from Chapter 4 on how to increase my revenue on some made for Adsense sites. Chapter 5 gave me some some awesome tips on link building and article marketing that I can for all my sites, not just those intended for selling (of course, all my websites are for sale if the price is right)!

So what are you waiting for? Discover the secrets of how everyday people (like you and me) are flipping simple websites to make huge profits with Zac Johnson’s Flip This Web Site Book!

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