Find the Best Employees for Your Company

Find the Best Employees

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Are you looking for new team members to add to your company but not sure how to find the right one, or are you thinking about changing your interviewing methods and bringing your game to the next level? Finding the perfect employee might not be as hard as you think. Interview sessions don’t need to be all that stiff; they can even be enjoyable. Here you will find a few tips for making the whole process successful.

Avoid the Standard Setting

Be creative: change the scenery, share a meal, or interview while giving a company tour. Each will help the candidate be more laid back and give you an aperçu of who they are. Hiring through Boston staffing agencies or in-house should make no difference, and every candidate should be treated the same. By getting your candidate comfortable, you will know who is in front of you. Think of interviewing as a game; pass the ball back and forth until you find someone who can catch, team up and score!

Skip the Classic Questions

Everyone knows those classic interview questions. Everyone can prepare for them. They’re boring and won’t teach you anything about your candidate. Throw curveballs, dive into deeper questions, and make the candidates talk about themselves. It is time to think outside the box, bring new subjects to the table, and observe the reactions. Don’t forget to take your time and enjoy the interview. It should feel like a normal conversation. While enjoying the talk, look for clues; every tiny detail matters. Take notes so that you can remember what you liked or disliked about each candidate when the time comes to decide.

Keep Your Eyes on the Ball

Don’t forget what and who you are looking for. It can be easy to lose track while deep in a conversation, especially if the candidate is a good storyteller. Don’t forget about the qualities that are required for the position. Make sure that the candidate you hire checks all the marks. If expertise in a specific software is needed for the job, test the candidate on it and write down a few straightforward questions beforehand. Come in prepared to lead the interview and get the answers to all your questions. Look for the “7 C’s” before hiring.

Keep in Mind That Unicorns Don’t Exist

Don’t set the bar too high! Everyone has an adaptation time when entering a new company, and the unicorn employee who comes in knowing everything and getting good results does not exist. Make a good and precise list of what is required for the position and what skill would be a plus but allow room for flexibility. The perfect candidate might be right before you, even though that person does not have the 10 years of experience you are asking for.

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